By Washington Examiner
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For a demonstration of what gender confusion can do to one’s reasoning capacity, simply look to the recent Washington Post editorial on the impending reversal of the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision. Somehow, the Post editors managed to write an entire editorial defending abortion as something supposedly essential to women’s rights, but they had to bend over backward to avoid using the word “woman.”

That’s because they fear the politically correct forces of gender ideology, which are attempting to erase women from existence.

To the brainwashed ideologues and to those whom they have intimidated and cowed, womanhood is no longer real. It has become impossible to define. To them, womanhood is an amorphous quality comprising a set of effeminate affectations that any man can adopt — and then call himself a woman. Somehow, in spite of basic biology, everyone is also supposed to believe that men can now become pregnant. Why? Because women who self-identify as men can get pregnant. And they can get pregnant, science tells us, precisely because they obviously continue to be women and have female biology. You are not allowed to voice this scientific truth for fear that it might hurt someone’s feelings or shatter someone’s delusions.

Put it all together, and even the word “mother” becomes offensive. And no, that is not an exaggeration at all, as everyone in these woke times understands.

In the minds of those brainwashed by or too scared to speak out against transgender ideology, the word “mother” actually is offensive. At least one corporation, DoorDash, sent out an email in late April inviting subscribers to opt out of Mother’s Day-related advertising in case anyone found it triggering because Mother’s Day “may be a difficult time for some.” Even more disgracefully, people are trying to slip unnatural euphemisms into the common parlance, such as “birthing person” and “pregnant person,” in their zeal to delete mothers and women from the English language. It is all very sad, but in the end, it only makes them look dumb. No one is ever going to celebrate “Birthing Persons’ Day,” just like no one is ever going to use the pronoun “xer,” just like no one is going to use the demonym “Latinx.”

As the above indicates, the world could use a bit of common sense at this moment. And there is nothing like the common sense meted out by mothers.

Women do not need to be mothers to be awesome, but mothers are the best and most common example of how awesome women really can be. To children, mothers really do mean the whole world.

For most people, mothers were central to their childhood and their upbringing as stable human beings and good citizens. Whether they are single or married mothers, working or stay-at-home mothers, their uniquely feminine love is a powerful force of nature, not to be trifled with. In humans, as in other species of the animal kingdom, mothers will do almost anything to protect their children. As the wise admonition goes, never get between a mother and her young — quite a few school boards would do well to heed that warning.

There are all sorts of well-established, important, and necessary figures in society (teachers, coaches, counselors, police officers) who, at their best, instill healthy behaviors in the young and discourage antisocial behavior. But there is no substitute for parents — and none especially for mothers. No agent of the state can ever love anyone the way a good mother loves her children. And as important as fathers are, no man can give birth or literally nurture a child with his body.

This Mother’s Day, thank the woman who gave birth to you. Don’t be ashamed of her and call her “birthing person” or any such fatuity. If your mother is alive, savor the years you have left, because she won’t live forever. Some visit, some joke, some phone call will be the last you ever share. If your mother is deceased, be sure to join with family and friends to remember her, even if it has to be done remotely.

And never, ever be afraid to call her your mother.