By JD Heyes
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A newly leaked video shows how far down the LGBTQ and gender-fluid hole Disney has gone, even as the company’s latest movie offering, featuring a lesbian kiss scene for no good reason, is tanking at the box office.

Researcher Christopher Rufo posted the disturbing video clip to Twitter along with this description: “EXCLUSIVE: I’ve obtained leaked video from Disney’s upcoming show ‘Baymax,’ which promotes the transgender flag and the idea that men can have periods to children as young as two years old. It’s all part of Disney’s plan to re-engineer the discourse around kids and sexuality.”


The Daily Wire adds:

“In the clip, Baymax stood in the feminine hygiene aisle of a store and stared at the shelf in front of him. After a moment, he turned to the woman next to him and asked for her recommendation for a good product. She responded first with surprise, and then immediately did her best to assist him — and a crowd of others quickly joined in with their suggestions as well.”

The clip starts out with Baymax asking a woman shopper next to him: “Excuse me. Which of these products would you recommend?”

“Oh, um — well — these are the tampons I usually use,” the woman responds, handing him a package of the hygiene product.

“Thank you,” Baymax said.

“I prefer pads,” another woman interjected. “They’re more comfortable for me.”

“Thank you,” Baymax said again.

“I always get the ones with wings,” another person — whose shirt was the colors and pattern of the transgender flag — interrupted.

A crowd began to form around Baymax, with another woman adding, “Get unscented and bleach-free if you can.”

“Yo, my daughter loves these!” said a man who reached over Baymax’s shoulder to show him another package.

“These might be easier if it’s her first period,” yet another woman said as she held a package out to Baymax, while another woman approached the group, saying enthusiastically, “These are really environmentally friendly!”

Rufo has been following and exposing the way Disney has shamelessly adopted an LGBTQ agenda and theme in its programs and films, catering to perhaps 2-3 percent of the entire population just to push a woke agenda that is hurting the company’s bottom line.

He exposed the goings-on within Disney including a number of videos that revealed an executive’s “not-at-all-secret gay agenda” as well as future plans to infuse shows for children of all ages with examples of multiple different gender identities and sexual orientations.

“Our leadership over there has been so welcoming to like, my like, not-at-all secret gay agenda,” executive producer LaToya Raveanu said in the leaked video. “Wherever I could, I was basically adding queerness to the show, if you see anything queer in the show, ‘The Proud Family,’ nobody would stop me and nobody was trying to stop me.”

The Baymax clip comes as Disney’s “Toy Story: Lightyear,” has tanked at box offices around the world after the animated film’s producers decided to re-insert a lesbian kiss scene after initially removing it.

“Now that their woke animated feature Lightyear has taken a record dive at the box office, the child groomers at the Walt Disney Co. must be truly bummed,” Breitbart News’ John Nolte, who frequently reports on woke culture, wrote last week.

“Other than Onward (2020) — which doesn’t count because the coronavirus derailed its second weekend — Lightyear currently holds the record for the worst second-weekend box office dive in Pixar’s 25-year history,” he wrote. “After opening to a disastrous $51 million, in its second weekend, Lightyear earned just $17.7 million, which is a crash of 65 percent.”

Nolte heaped on the criticism:

This is a Toy Story movie. Lightyear is part of the most popular and iconic animated franchise in the universe, and after ten days and two weekends, it still sits at a pathetic $88.8 million domestic. Worldwide, it’s earned just $152 million.

The production alone cost $200 million. Add another $100 million for advertising. In order to break even, Disney needs to see a worldwide take of at least $550 to 650 million, which will not happen. So Lightyear will probably lose more than $100 million.

“Congrats. Great job, Disney. Way to destroy your biggest animated franchise after destroying your Star Wars film franchise,” he wrote.

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