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As explained in Part I, the anti-white calumny and conspiracy is expanding and becoming acculturated into the new dispensation that is destroying the Historical American Nation. The greatest danger of the many involved in this conspiracy is that the anti-white mindset permeating police departments, intelligence agencies and the military will result in members of these groups trained to follow orders, will train their weapons on white society! This will be easily facilitated since all whites are now being deemed “white supremacists” by the far Leftists who, in turn, lead the average Leftist and eventually the rest of the culture by the nose. Whites are being separated via semantics from the average non-white citizen and categorized as “enemy combatants” and carriers of an especially hateful pathogen. With respect to this issue and others of cultural significance, California will of course, take the lead in the course we should not be following. That state is currently considering allowing illegal aliens to become fully-fledged highway patrol officers, which is a convenient way of weaponizing the alien population against whites under the color of law.

We have untold numbers of military-age men who have entered the country illegally as “economic” refugees with no job prospects, a matter further exacerbated by our imploding economy. These are quite literally aliens – people not assimilated into American life, strangers without an ounce of sympathy or any kindred spirit with the white population they intend to subjugate even without being egged on to do so by our anti-white establishment. For such is the nature of a culture when two opposing populations try to occupy the same space. This alien population, when allied with the non-whites already here who are not firmly rooted in American soil, represent a toxic danger to the West in general and America in particular.

As part of the emerging militaristic and militant mindset, the white victim group is being painted as a dangerous threat to the American Deep State, and the fast approaching white genocide will be depicted as a “counter-insurgency” along the lines of “If we don’t kill them, they will kill us.” During the Trump Administration and down to the present time, we have seen a very explicit effort of the national security apparatus to paint white “identity” as a terror threat. The “Chairperson” of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, clueless New World “Orderly” Mark Milley appeared before Congress to warn of “white rage.” The FBI Director, Chris Wray, another two-faced “leader” has fashioned an artificial bogeyman and continues to call “White Nationalism” and “white supremacism” the greatest threat America faces. This farce continues with Alejandro Mayorkas, the Director of The Department of Homeland “Obscurity” declaring adamantly that “white supremacy is the most persistent and lethal threat to national security!” Similar outlandish statements have been made by Attorney General Merrick Garland. The very first political ad put out by the Biden campaign featured finagled footage from Charlottesville debacle, and one of the regime’s first actions was to declare a “war on domestic terror!” Of course, this is merely another name for a war on whites. By declaring white advocates of American values as enemy combatants, a whole new vista of state violence was visited upon the nation and is being used to repress the emergence of pro-white consciousness and sentiment among the victims. At Oklahoma City University’s law school, one student found this out the hard way. After posting “It’s OK to be White” flyers outside the school grounds, he was arrested, expelled from the school, and interrogated by the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force.

The Charlottesville Unite the Right rally marked a stepped-up militant phase in the campaign for white genocide. There the municipal government engineered a chaotic confrontation between peaceful demonstrators who had a legitimate permit to protest perceived anti-white persecution and a rabid, frenzied mob of leftist freaks and fools who apparently had been invited to participate by the Charlottesville government. James Fields, the “accidental” martyr and victim who was only trying to escape from the kerfluffle and accidentally bumped into a morbidly obese leftist who had a fatal heart attack as a result, was cast as a criminal and was judicially lynched and sentenced to two life sentences plus another 419 years. It’s as if they wished Fields had nine lives so they could rub it in and sentence him to be behind bars during all those nine lives. Charlottesville turned out to be a test run for the January 6 (J6) “trumped up” “insurrection,” when Trump supporters, legitimately aggrieved over the fraudulent, stolen election and coup-de-tat engineered by Biden entered the US Capitol building. This was a clear case of federal and leftist (much the same nowadays) incitement with provocateurs and operatives managing the amassed multitudes. Black Capitol police officers themselves can be seen on numerous videos waving Trump supporters into the building as to entrap them. Four Trump supporters, including the martyred Ashli Babbitt were murdered by this death squad, only because they were white conservatives. An unknown number(some hundreds) of Trump supporters from that day forward have been brutally tortured, beaten, starved, consigned to solitary confinement, denied visitation and legal representation, without charges or with trumped up charges leveled against them. One of the J6 defendants fled to Belarus who granted him asylum there. A boisterous pro-Trump free speech rally was transformed into a treasonous insurrection by the treasonous, conspiratorial media.

Let’s not overlook the racial undertone of this. Almost all the Trump supporters were white, and all or almost all their tormentors were black, and all were black “sickophants”.  Ashli Babbitt was murdered by a black Capitol police officer in cold blood, his identity not revealed for a lengthy period, and was not reprimanded but was praised to the hilt by members of Congress including many Republican boot lickers who should be booted from that body as “legistraitors”. Roseanne Boyland was beaten to death by another black police officer. With the $25 million “lawfare” judgement against Jason Kessler and other Unite the Right organizers, a new precedent has been effectively set whereby whites have lost their First Amendment rights of assembly and free speech. Leftists and “libbers” can engineer mayhem (death, injury, damage, or even emotional harm) and get away with it and have it blamed on whites instead.

Dissidents from establishment narratives have already been deplatformed from online social media –  the new public square – for some time, and they have been barred from banking and online payment services, and using other internet service providers. The state uses and manipulates libertarian language and patriotic-sounding  homilies to conceal and twist the truth, telling us that private companies are neutral in these controversies while they neuter our voices, and slide and elide over the fact that these platforms are working hand-in-hand-glove with the state to carry out its censorship program.

Then there’s the near unanimous passage of the Emmett Till Anti-Lynching Act which shows where the animus lies. Ostensibly meant to codify “lynching” as a federal “hate crime”, and burnish the idea the idea in malleable minds that blacks were the only class of people lynched in days gone by. The Act actually serves a more sinister purpose of creating a brand-new hate crime of “conspiracy” to commit “hate crimes”. These so-called crimes only require “proof of intent” divorced from any action, and so cannot be anything but subjective. However, once “intent” is alleged, the affected entity can be closely or more closely monitored to divine further “intent” by the domestic security agencies who are already engaged in mass surveillance of our private and public communications. The Emmett Till Act can act in “sinergy” with the proposed Domestic Terrorism  Prevention Act to dramatically expand and empower the domestic security apparatus to “rat” on us and broaden the definition of “domestic terrorism.”

One of the most fervent catalysts and supporters of the proposed Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act is, of course, The Anti-Defamation League. The confirmation of the offensive Deborah Lipstadt as a “special envoy to monitor and combat anti-Semitism” shows the untoward and oppressive influence of that organization and shows where this whole charade is heading. The Department of Homeland “Obscurity” recently introduced the Disinformation Governance Board as the next and most brazen step yet to annihilate the First Amendment.  This Frankenstein Monster creation is in limbo right now only because its proposed director was disapproved by Congress. You know it will be back, since the Left takes one step back or backtracks before advancing two or three steps forward, and the concept itself is essential in the ongoing persecution.

As if  elimination of our constitutional rights and right to privacy was not enough to overwhelm us, the frontal attack towards disarmament of the public is even more frightful. This attack on the Second Amendment is undertaken with one purpose only: to disarm whites. Eliminating gun violence which is overwhelmingly committed by blacks using illegal handguns has never been its purpose and can never work anyway. Kyle Rittenhouse was lucky that the two armed thugs he killed in self-defense weren’t black. Because they weren’t, a significant number of Republican and conservative pundits came to his defense, which they could do without fear of a “blacklash.” But Travis and Gregory McMichael weren’t as lucky as Kyle was. They killed Ahmaud Arbery, a black thug, in a clear case of self-defense. To compound their problem, they were white Southerners, the most reviled and oppressed population on Earth for nearly two centuries. The McMichaels’ were sentenced to life in prison, in this case a functional death sentence. As if that was not enough the feds piled on, as they always seem to do in cases involving whites, slapping new “hate crime” charges on these poor men because they allegedly “used force and threats of force to intimidate and interfere with Arbrey’s right to use a public street because of his race”. Those charges carry additional life sentences, along with six-figure fines as if no punishment could be severe enough for disturbing black sensibilities.  William Bryan, the man who merely captured the event on video, was sentenced to life imprisonment, albeit with the possibility of parole at age 82.

The anti-white fanatics are even on the case of Jackie Johnson, a prosecutor, who they would like to prosecute for initially suggesting that the men be cleared of wrongdoing. At any rate, the McMichael verdict has to be the worst miscarriage of justice to date. But wait – they continue to get worse with time. Because Arbrey is now a typical criminal black “star”, a street has been named after him, probably the street where the altercation occurred. Taking down and vandalizing statues of great heroes and renaming public buildings, schools, streets and highways after meritless criminals are the ways we now commemorate the new dispensation.

The eradication of our right to self-defense has perverse overtones. Take the case of Ian Cranston a resident of Bend, Oregon who was accosted with his girlfriend by a black man who assaulted the girlfriend, and in response Cranston shot and killed the assailant. Cranston was booked on murder charges with the clear message that white men are no longer permitted to defend their women against black predators or even defend themselves with guns at all. There is another trend underway pointing towards preventing whites from even calling the police on non-whites. Take Amy Cooper, for example, given the monicker of “the Central Park Karen” (“Karen” and ‘Kevin” are the terms the media now employ to designate and denigrate all female and male whites, especially the Nordic types.) Amy was enjoying a walk in Central Park when a black man came up to her and threatened to kill her dog. Amy panicked and called the police (on 911?). For this act, Amy became the object of national anti-white opprobrium. She was fired from her job, forced to return the dog to the shelter she had adopted it from, and was ordered under threat of a year in jail to complete a 5-session “educational”  and “therapeutic” program focused on racial identity. To add insult to injury, a civic association requested Mayor de Blasio to ban her from Central Park. She was thus forced to leave the country. And what happened to the black who menaced her? National Geographic made him the host of a TV show called “Extraordinary Birder”.

Anarcho-tyranny in our new black besotted society means not only that whites are given extreme penalties for minor to non-existent infractions, but that non-whites are privileged and sent on their way with a wink and a nod and face zero to minimal repercussions for the most heinous crimes and are thus given the nod to continue their criminal depredations. The examples are legion and many are near legendary now as shown by the illustrative examples above.

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities are special places where non-whites can vent the grudges and anti-white antipathies, they have nursed over long periods of time and get away with it, with abandon. Recently, a black assisted living employee was arrested for intentionally abandoning a 77 year-old white woman to freeze to death outdoors in subzero temperatures. In 2019, three demented black employees at an assisted living facility in Winston-Salem, North Carolina were charged with running a “fight club” forcing dementia patients to fight with each other while the events were recorded on camera. Will this be the new sport to replace dogs and birds fighting amongst themselves which practice PETA and similar organizations have been at least partially successful in ending? These organizations would be the ones least inclined to help whites from suffering from this new practice. In a western world where blacks are drugged out and many are suffering from IQs not far above those of great apes, will they be given a pass because they are dimwitted and mentally deranged or because they allegedly continue to suffer the effects of slavery way past the “sell-by” date of such effects? If so, the entire society has been sold a gigantic bill of goods.

Slurs are now enough to get one arrested for using naughty language that supposedly withers or melts the self-esteem of today’s snowflakes who can’t take any criticism. The language police are especially on the prowl for anyone using the verboten term, “ni**er,” even though the blacks use the term on themselves because they realize they have earned the term. If a “ni**er” commits a crime, he can now get off scot-free if he was called such during the course of committing a crime. The word “ni**er” is thus an automatic trigger that sets off the thought police on one of their rampages or tirades. The official policy of the US Government is that white lives do not matter. That is why lefties and their government enforcers huff and puff when someone remonstrates that “all lives matter.” Countless racial atrocities committed by non-whites against whites are never reported by the media, except possibly locally or where it can’t be avoided. To further elucidate the mountain of details on this subject is beyond the scope of this article. That these are almost always “hate crimes” by the system’s own definitions is carefully kept under wraps and never admitted. The national news media routinely memory-holes any events that do not conform to their narrative or agenda which is at its core anti-white. This concludes Part II  of this series. Part III will focus on “The Great Replacement” –  and much more.

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