By Michael Tennant
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The U.S. government has spent millions, if not billions, of dollars promoting abortion and population control in foreign countries under the guise of Covid-19 relief, Revolver reports.

The website obtained a full grant agreement — something it says is normally “inaccessible to the public” — from a 2020 grant from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to the population-control organization Pathfinder International. USAID gave Pathfinder $500,000 for the alleged purpose of “responding to Covid-19 in hotspot areas of Ethiopia.”

The agreement’s executive summary suggests that Pathfinder intended to help Ethiopia’s government maintain its healthcare system in light of the pandemic. “Our team of country experts will contribute to … ensuring a resilient health system that can persistently provide essential health services and can respond to [the] COVID-19 pandemic,” it reads.

And just what “essential health services” interest Pathfinder most? “Given that it is time-sensitive, abortion must always be considered an essential service and provided regardless of whether elective services are suspended,” says a “technical guidance” document on the group’s website. Its grant agreement makes clear that “sexual and reproductive health services” would be Pathfinder’s focus in Ethiopia because “a recent modeling study … provided evidence that these essential health services … need to be maintained.”

Revolver elaborates:

The justification is plain as day: Pathfinder would use U.S. taxpayer funding to entrench sexual health services, including abortion and birth control, in developing nations during a global crisis. How? By manipulating the public through messaging campaigns that declared these health services “essential,” “orienting” staff to adopt this messaging, and ensuring that abortions and birth control were provided in “safe” health facilities.

Through a program called “Transform,” USAID funded mobile vans and audio-mounted vehicles to broadcast propaganda messages about birth control and COVID-19 in public spaces like mosques, TV stations and radio spots. The same project sent out over 800 health care workers to inject Ethiopian women with long-lasting and dangerous contraceptives.

None of this should come as a surprise, notes the website:

Almost exclusively funded by USAID, the organization was the brainchild of eugenicist Clarence Gamble as part of the mid-20th century strategy to enforce eugenics through the rapid mainstreaming and dispersion of contraceptives, abortions, and forced sterilizations. Operating through USAID, Pathfinder was at the forefront of a botched birth control campaign that distributed unsafe and deadly contraceptives in the 1970s. It led the global fight for abortion rights and sued the U.S. government over pro-life protections like the Mexico City Policy. This history was widely lauded by Pathfinder until last year, when most of it was scrubbed from the outward-facing website after Gamble’s children left the organization claiming it was covering up their father’s eugenic past and other scandals.

The Covid-19 pandemic provided Pathfinder with a golden opportunity to expand its operations at American taxpayers’ expense. The organization pushed for abortion to treated as “a fundamental human right,” and it sought to “maximize” the use of drug-induced abortion options while removing regulations aimed at making abortion safer or more difficult to obtain.

USAID was only too happy to help because, as Revolver puts it, “since its inception, [Pathfinder] has been an under-the-radar but powerful weapon in USAID’s long-standing scheme to implement global population control.” Despite then-President Donald Trump’s efforts to stanch the flow of federal dollars to abortion providers, in 2020, USAID handed out over $1.3 billion in alleged Covid-19 relief, much of which likely went to pro-abortion groups like Pathfinder. After the formerly pro-life Joe Biden assumed office and encouraged taxpayer funding of abortion, including by lifting the Mexico City policy, USAID disbursed about $8 billion more in “coronavirus aid.”

“If this level of coordination happened at USAID, there is no telling how extensive the grants apparatus stretches across other executive agencies,” observes Revolver. “Over the last three years, American taxpayers have experienced what this rampant abuse of their funds can do, and whistleblowers and FOIA requests have pulled back the curtain on some of the most destructive whims of the government grants process to date.”

Then again, if taxpayers would simply insist via the ballot box that the government abide by the Constitution, which nowhere gives it the authority to disburse such grants, the problem would solve itself.