By Alex Newman
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As “woke” corporations and Democrats shrieked about Florida’s new law protecting children from LGBTQ+ indoctrination in Kindergarten to third grade, the United Nations and the Biden administration were busy pushing transgenderism into school classrooms worldwide.

Indeed, the UN, through its UNAIDS agency, even launched a program called “Unbox Me” to bully teachers into pushing gender confusion on children worldwide. In partnership with an advertising agency, the global outfit launched the global propaganda program last week.

“Many of us take our gender identity for granted, but for many children it is not so easy. It’s a matter of daily survival, a daily struggle,” said UNAIDS Director of Communications and Global Advocacy Mahesh Mahalingam. “Children all around the world must be supported in expressing their identity freely.”

The UN scheme was launched on what is being called “Transgender Day of Visibility.” All around the world, from India to Europe to the United States, government schools celebrated gender confusion and indoctrinated children to believe that they can choose their gender.

In the United States, the Biden administration sent letters to every state attorney general threatening them if they stand in the way of males using girls’ bathrooms or playing in girls’ sports. The administration also said children must be offered life-altering hormones and surgical mutilation of genitals.

The administration also unveiled a battery of new programs to peddle transgenderism to children in schools. These include “trainings” to “support transgender and nonbinary students in schools” through the “Office of Safe and Supportive Schools,” as well as using tax dollars to peddle “sex changes” for children now described as “gender-affirming care.”

U.S. Secretary of “Education” Miguel Cardona also jumped on the bandwagon, traveling to Florida for a “roundtable” event promoting transgender indoctrination in school. “On Transgender Day of Visibility and every day, the Biden-Harris administration is proud of our nation’s transgender students and educators,” he said.

“It’s essential for schools to be welcoming environments for teaching and learning,” Cardona continued. “And it’s vital for teachers and school staff to know, see, and support their transgender students, along with all students. Transgender students should have every opportunity to thrive in school.”

While “many transgender students” experience “valuable support” in their tax-funded indoctrination centers, others face “challenges,” he added. This is partly because of state laws being passed to stop the brainwashing and protect girls from having males in their bathrooms or clobbering them in sports.

The transgender indoctrination has been extremely effective in confusing children about their gender. In California, for instance, a survey put out by UCLA showed more than one in four children are now seen as “gender non-conforming,” including more than 20 percent who are “androgynous.”

In Utah, the number of minor girls receiving “medical treatment” for transgenderism increased by 10,000 percent from 2015 to 2020, state prescriptions data reveal. That means these girls are receiving hormones, puberty blockers, surgeries, and other “interventions” designed to help them impersonate the opposite sex — in one of the most conservative states in America.

As The Newman Report highlighted just a few months ago, the “transgender” craze is just the beginning. All across the nation, children are now coming to school dressed as animals and making animal noises. Estimates suggest there are now hundreds of thousands of these self-styled “furries” nationwide.

Government indoctrination centers are no longer safe places for children. These dangerous brainwashing programs being weaponized against children worldwide are literally an existential threat to innocent young people, their bodies, and their families. It is time for sensible people to say enough is enough.