By Peter Rykowski
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The threat of vaccine mandates is not over in the United States. Multiple unconstitutional federal, state, and local mandates remain in place — and the Deep State is still working to strip all individuals of their dignity and bodily autonomy.

On Thursday, April 7, a federal appeals court reinstated Joe Biden’s mandate for all federal employees after pro-Constitution judges blocked it. Furthermore, on March 25, the Supreme Court ruled against dozens of Navy SEALS and other service members who declined to get the shot.

Multiple other mandates remain in place. Although the Supreme Court struck down Biden’s draconian OSHA mandate, it opened the door to allowing Congress to impose an identical mandate, and it also upheld a federal mandate on 22 million healthcare workers. The Court also rejected multiple challenges to government vaccine mandates in states and localities, including New York CityNew York StateMaineIndiana, and New Mexico. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court’s unconstitutional, pro-mandate slant isn’t new, extending back decades.

Although some cities have dropped certain vaccine passports and mandates, others, including in New York City, remain in place. (This is in addition to the localities, including Philadelphia, and universities that have reimposed mask mandates). And regardless, millions of Americans have already been forced to get the shot — in many cases against religious or philosophical objections.

Globalist elites and other leftists have long wanted mandatory vaccinations without religious or other exemptions, and the push for them began long before COVID-19 appeared. They are pushing for such mandates despite being proven to be ineffective at stopping COVID-19.

As with every other attack on individual liberty since March 2020, the pandemic has served as the perfect excuse for the elites to intensify their onslaught.

And the onslaught isn’t over. The U.S. Department of Commerce has proposed a regulation to create a national database keeping track of all Americans who request a medical exemption to the Covid jab. Such a move represents a serious threat to Americans’ medical privacy, and it is yet another step toward the creation of a medical surveillance state. Furthermore, there is a push in Congress to end a ban on national patient IDs, while the federal government is reportedly working with Big Tech to create a vaccine-passport system.

Either way, the COVID vaccine is a false solution to the so-called pandemic. As multiple Pfizer scientists have admitted, natural immunity is significantly more effective than the vaccine. However, Big Pharma has a heavy interest in getting people vaccinated, as they are “basically … run on COVID money now.” Furthermore, as Pfizer executives have admitted, fetal tissue from aborted babies was used in the vaccines’ development — this also was the case for Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, and the other companies that developed COVID vaccines. Now, Pfizer is asking the FDA to authorize a fourth vaccine dose, despite being inundated by side-effect reports.

It is imperative that all Americans, regardless of their vaccination status, reject every vaccine mandate and passport scheme, including any type of digital ID or health ID. Furthermore, state and local officials must forcefully nullify the federal government’s unconstitutional mandates that remain in effect. If Americans do this, we can restore liberty in our Republic.

To urge your state and federal officials to oppose forced vaccinations, visit The John Birch Society’s legislative alert here. Additionally, to urge your state legislators to enforce the Constitution by nullifying unconstitutional federal laws and edicts, visit The John Birch Society’s legislative alert here.