By JD Heyes
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There has never been a time in America where failure or refusal to take a treatment for a virus was considered grounds for workplace discrimination, but we’ve seen so much irrational and insane behavior stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic that nothing surprises us anymore.

Pharmacy chains Walgreens and CVS have become the latest companies to adopt a highly discriminatory policy of cutting sick time benefits for staffers who are not vaccinated and who test positive for COVID-19, according to The Epoch Times.

In reality, companies should be providing additional sick time for COVID-positive employees, especially if they risked their health and lives to get a vaccine since there is literally nothing else they can do to prevent themselves from contracting the virus.

Late last month, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention updated their guidelines to recommend that people who test positive should only quarantine for five days instead of 10 while donning a mask for an additional five days, even if they’ve been vaccinated. Also, the CDC cut the amount of quarantine time for people who came in close contact with someone who tested positive.

Federal officials explained that the change in guidance came from scientific evidence that suggests most viral transmissions occur very early on, within a day or two of the onset of symptoms and three days after those symptoms are present.

But since the CDC changed their recommendations, several companies including Delta Air Lines, Amazon, Ikea, Kroger, Walmart and others said they were cutting benefits for unvaccinated workers to get more employees to take the suspect, experimental jabs, which they say is in line with an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) mandate that has been challenged successfully in lawsuits and has been argued before the U.S. Supreme Court.

In an interview with Fortune, CVS officials confirmed that only employees who have been vaccinated will get paid time off for illness, unless they have been preapproved for a waiver or are otherwise covered by local statutes.

“In line with changes to CDC guidance, we are currently providing five days of paid leave for eligible full- and part-time colleagues, except where state or city paid leave laws provide for more,” a company spokeswoman said.

Either way she explains it, what CVS and the other companies who have adopted this horrendous policy are doing is engaging in outright worker discrimination — so much for being “woke” and “tolerant.”

The Epoch Times adds:

Walgreens said it will be providing COVID-19 paid sick leave benefits to both vaccinated and unvaccinated workers for five days through Feb. 23, after which it will only provide those pay benefits to employees who are fully vaccinated or have an approved medical or religious exemption.

Prior to the latest announcement, both CVS and Walgreens had offered workers up to two weeks of paid leave.

The Biden regime’s vaccine mandate for private businesses with more than 100 employees (because, apparently, companies with fewer employees won’t spread the virus, right?) went into effect last week nationwide, though again, the rule has been challenged legally and is now in the hands of the U.S. Supreme Court.

As of Jan. 10, businesses that qualify must require all employees to get the jab or be subjected to weekly testing. Businesses must also provide paid leave for employees to get a vaccine and are also required to keep track of workers’ vaccination status while ensuring that unvaccinated employees wear a mask while they are indoors.

The rule affects some 84 million workers; businesses that refuse to comply face fines up to $14,000 per violation.

Companies aren’t sure what to do at this point. In November, the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals issued a nationwide injunction against enforcement of the mandate, but in December, the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals reinstated it. It’s not clear when the Supreme Court will rule.

Either way, this pandemic has led to some of the most bizarre and discriminatory treatment of Americans in the history of the country.

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