By Selwyn Duke
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“The business of progressives is to go on making mistakes,” noted G.K. Chesterton ages ago. Well, for one Pennsylvania woman, they just made one mistake too many. In fact, says family attorney Nicole Levitt, it’s to the point where “political liberalism seems to have passed me by.”

At issue is that as part of employer-mandated “diversity, equity and inclusion” (DEI) training, she was asked to sign a contract stating that “all white people are racist,” as Levitt put it in a July video. She refused and now has filed an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) complaint against her employer.

Levitt explained in a Sunday article that she was enthusiastic about joining her current company. She states that being a licensed professional counselor as well as a lawyer, she finds it fulfilling to work in family law, working with domestic violence victims; she says she has even done pro bono work in the field, and her current workplace allows her to indulge her passions.

Levitt doesn’t mention who her employer is, but she’s identified as an associate attorney at We Care Legal Services, PLLC at the entity’s website. However, Levitt states that her current employer is “based in Philadelphia” while We Care Legal lists offices only in Levittown and Doylestown in Bucks County (which does border Philadelphia). So it is possible, though perhaps unlikely, that We Care Legal is a former employer that has not sufficiently updated its website.

Levitt’s problems started after the 2020 death of drug-addled criminal George Floyd. Levitt states that most of her employer’s clients are non-white and that her workplace “organized meetings about it [the incident]; everyone was upset.” She continued:

This evolved into having what was later referred to as diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) sessions, where we had affinity groups where staff were separated out into groups based on ethnicity, for example into a white group and a Black group. I was told that I had to attend a white affinity group meeting, but eventually, I was given permission to not attend, because I really didn’t agree with being separated by race.

… I felt it was very regressive. I felt that we didn’t need to listen to one group over another and split ourselves off into groups….

I found the approach of my organization to be very divisive and to be taking time away from our mission.

… I have always been adamantly opposed to racism. I joined the Racial Equity Committee at my job in 2020, but over time, I personally found the language used against white people to be very dehumanizing. I also discovered that there was to be a difference in stipends paid to members of the Racial Equity Audit Taskforce (“REAT”), where Black members of REAT would be paid more than their white counterparts. That seemed not only wrong, but illegal, a violation of US civil rights laws.

… And I was even asked to agree to a “Full Value Contract” shared over email that included a point saying we had to “Own that all white people are racist and that I am not the exception.”

It should be emphasized that Levitt is no conservative. Under the aforementioned July video, posted by the Jewish Institute for Liberal Values (JILV), it’s stated that she “is an active member of the Philadelphia Jewish community and is a founding volunteer of the [JILV].”

Levitt also states that she “used to be liberal” and is still “a more classic liberal,” but feels “politically homeless” with wokeness’ ascendancy and now doesn’t have affection for either major party.

But refusing to drink of the Kool-Aid, deeply, was a problem. Levitt was told by her employer that if she didn’t want to attend the racially segregated “white affinity group,” she could instead meet with a DEI consultant. But while this was billed as a company effort to support her, it turned out to be an attempt at “re-education” in which her unacceptable thoughts were to be reformed.

Levitt also relates that the revisionist, anti-American, discredited 1619 Project was presented as truth at some of her company training sessions. Par for the course as well, Levitt says that by objecting to her workplace’s divisive program, she was accused of sowing division. Levitt relates her experiences in the JILV video below.

Levitt believes her employer’s “singling out [of] white people” and creation of a hostile work environment “is in violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act.” She’s also not alone, as these woke anti-white policies have been embraced by workplaces, schools, colleges, and organizations nationwide.

Know that while Levitt has been alienated from the hard Left, she still hasn’t been red-pilled; in fact, she calls her employer’s trespasses “one of these cases where good intentions have gone very awry.”

And it’s not unusual to hear — though it was far more common decades back — that “liberals have good intentions” (with which they pave a road to Hell). But is this true?

Does it reflect good intentions when you tout “sanctuary cities” and condemn those opposed to illegal migration, but then avoid having migrants in your midst, as recently happened in Martha’s Vineyard, New York City, and Chicago?

Does it reflect good intentions when you advocate defunding the police, but then enjoy private security while non-white people you claim to champion must deal with the burgeoning crime?

Does it reflect good intentions when as in Dumbo, Brooklyn, leftists push diversity but then recoil when it’s introduced in their own schools, with one actually saying, “It’s more complicated when it’s about your own children”?

It’s easy being idealistic when you don’t have to live with your ideals. It’s easy being charitable when you outsource your charity. Why, with good intentions like that, who needs bad ones?