By Lance D Johnson
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With the war on American energy in full swing and with lock downs, mandates, witch hunts and inflationary policies pushing people to the edge, Democrats are looking to capitalize on the growing starvation, homelessness and civil unrest. In the next phase of the war, food and shelter will be used to control a large swath of the population. As Americans struggle to pay rent and put food on the table, Democrats will look for new ways to tax individuals more and use their hunger to disarm them and make them more subservient.

Nashville Police Department makes community less safe by discouraging personal protection and firearm training

On Saturday, August 20, 2022 the Greater Revelations Church in Nashville, Tennessee is hosting a GIFT CARDS FOR GUNS exchange. Hungry residents are encouraged to turn in their firearms in exchange for $50 Kroger gift cards, preseason coupons and giveaways. The police department has partnered with the Nashville Predators Foundation to collect the firearms and distribute the gift cards. The church’s last gun buyback program was touted as a success, with a record 198 firearms collected in all.

Like the other worthless covid-19 policies offered by the Democrats, these gun buyback programs are also carried out under the guise of “public safety.” Residents are told to “do their part” to stop gun violence in their city.

“Have an unwanted or unsafe real gun that could fall into the hands of a minor? Consider exchanging it for a $50 Kroger card during Saturday’s Gift Cards for Guns event…” the Nashville police department wrote. “With the new school year now underway, this is the right time for parents, grandparents and guardians to think hard about firearms in the home that are unwanted or unsafe that could fall into the hands of young people,” Metro Nashville Police Chief John Drake said in a press release.

Young people were once trained to use firearms, to hunt and protect the home. Today, young people are taught to fear firearms and remain ignorant of their proper use. When authority figures impart fear and condone ignorance in their community, it inevitably leads to more accidents, more domestic violence and misuse of firearms. Rounding up a few hundred firearms does nothing to solve issues of criminal intent, negligence, fear and ignorance in a community.

Nevertheless, Nashville Predators Vice President of Community Relations, Rebecca King dubbed the predatory gun buy-back event a “judgement-free space for people in the community to surrender their guns.”

“Through this event, we hope to make our community a safer place by reducing the amount of gun-related incidents.” The Democrats’ propaganda machine has thoroughly convinced entire communities that firearms have a dangerous will of their own, and that personal responsibility doesn’t exist.

Police department works with church to confiscate guns in exchange for measly $50 in groceries

According to the Metro Nashville Police Department, “Participants will have the chance to turn in their firearms to members of the police department with no questions asked and receive compensation in the form of a gift card.” The program offers a glimpse of America’s future, one where inflation and starvation is used to disarm people and make them defenseless and subservient.

Ironically, it’s a police department and a church that are participating in the swindle. Both institutions rely on firearms for protection. Instead of offering citizens firearm training to advance personal protection and community safety, the police department and the church would rather rip off hungry people by taking their guns in exchange for measly gift cards.

In fact, every single firearm that will be surrendered to the Nashville police department could be sold for much more than just $50. How hungry and desperate have Americans become if they would readily give up their personal defense for one eighth to one twentieth of its real market value?

And when it comes down to it, personal protection actually has an inherently UNLIMITED value. A gun can be used to save one’s life and save others in the community. A good police department should work with the community to train citizens on how to protect their households and deter crime. Instead of conspiring with community organizations to confiscate guns for a measly fifty bucks, police departments should empower citizens to defend their families, their communities and their nation.

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