Established and based in the USA, our mission is to provide
products that help fuel to burn more efficiently, which
significantly reduces harmful emissions and helps our
Customers and Affiliates save money.   For the first time in
history we have a product that keeps money in your pocket
by saving approximately 3-5 times the cost of our product
at the current fuel prices.

It’s as simple as dropping a small tablet into your gas tank,
every time you fill up.

For almost 2 decades our Green Fuel Tabs as well as our
Liquid GFT product has been used commercially and
individually by countless satisfied real world customers.
Our Green Fuel Tabs dissolve and disperse completely
which promotes a cleaner and more efficient burn that
saves you money and prolongs engine life.

Our Green Fuel Tabs are considered a fuel
enhancer and conditioner that accelerates the combustion
process and burns the fuel more efficiently. This utilizes
more of the fuel and reduces the amount of harmful
emissions into the air.

It’s not only good for the environment, it’s also good for
your wallet!  You will save on your fuel costs, regardless of
whether you use gasoline or diesel.

If you have a diesel vehicle you will be surprised of how
much our Tabs will greatly reduce the amount of DEF
(Diesel Exhaust Fluid) you need to use, this will save you
additional money.


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