Now if the GOP would just do the same. Our country will not survive the continued perversion of our children and the destruction of the family. It takes a father and a mother to raise a healthy child. Not supporting someone who is self-inflicting harm isn’t hate. Stopping the victimization of children is a duty upon civil society, to protect the most vulnerable.

Sources are saying that the Texas Young Republicans executive committee met tonight and voted unanimously to end it’s relationship with the gay men’s republican club of Texas also known as the Log Cabin Republicans.

This comes after a very rough RPT convention for LCR where they were not welcomed with open arms, they were both denied a booth and very strong pro-traditional (normal people) lifestyle messaging was added to the platform.

LCR has suffered from a massive PR disaster with the the recent antics of the LGBTQ movement continuing to hold drag queen dances for underage children.

With LGBTQ-ally, Cat Parks, no longer in a vice-chair role for the Republican Party of Texas, LCR no longer has someone high up in the party able to provide cover for them.

LCR’s we spoke to said most of the “conservative” members of the group have disassociated themselves and are no longer involved in decision making.

When you can’t watch a children’s Pixar movieeat a bowl of cereal, or go out shopping for clothes without having LGBTQ propaganda shoved in your face, the result is people fed up with anything related to LGBTQ, no matter if you dress it in red and call it republican.

Things are looking up for Young Republicans of Texas and the Texas Republican movement.