Today on Chosen Generation Radio Pastor Greg had Retired Chaplain Gordon “Chaps” Klingenschmitt on the program to make our listeners aware that the USAF Academy was threatening to fire a cadet for using his religious exemption rights to refuse being injected with the COVID 19 Vax on the grounds it contains aborted human materials and violates his deeply held religious conviction. LT General Richard Clark in front of 500 witnesses on stage at the Reunion Celebration for the Class of ’90, told Chaps and the audience promised that he would “absolutely” defend the religious freedom for sincere cadets who refuse the COVID vaccine on religious grounds. However, it appears that 3-star Lt. General Richard Clark, Superintendent of the Air Force Academy has apparently broken his public promise to “absolutely” defend religious freedom for sincere cadets who refuse the COVID vaccine on religious grounds. Today on the show we appealed to the audience to call 719 333 4141 and ask the Lt General to instead honor his promise.

In the last segment of the show, Pastor Greg in accordance with both Colorado and Texas law called the office of the Lt General to give an example of how to make such a call. It became immediately obvious that the email Chaps had sent out was causing many calls to be made. Perhaps also many of those that had been listening chose to also act as when Mara answered the phone she seemed agitated and asked for name and address.  When asked why she said she was told to get that information. She then attempted to terminate the call without getting any reason for the call and as such no reason for her to take down a name and address. Here is the link to that portion of the program

The number to call is 719 333 4141 or 4140 and say “Keep your pledge to ‘absolutely’ defend religious freedom for the cadet who refused the vaccine.”  Then call 866-Obey-God (option 3) to get your free Window Decal.