David Shestokas discusses the FDA and Pfizer having foreknowledge of the dangers of the release of the injection to the public. Granted immunity and indemnity after three months of testing resulted in 1200 deaths and 42, 000 Vax Injuries plus knowledge that the Moderna injection at 100 MCG was causing 1000’s of episodes of cardio events, strokes, hemorrhaging and neuro events. SO they reduced the amount for test subjects and then increased it when released to the public. These acts done with foreknowledge fall into the prevue of warranting a RICO investigation. Speaking of investigations. David’s opponent in the Illinois AG contest is being investigated federally for his involvement of having a Deputy Sheriff raid a licensed FFL dealer and take his ammo and guns without cause and now those weapons and munitions are missing and were allegedly illegally seized. Also the assault on the first amendment naming nine conservative news outlets as toxic and lumping them with Russian disinformation.

Rick Manning discuss the assault on all five of the first amendment rights, the 2nd amendment and so on. We are living in an Authoritarian Marxist Dystopian society.

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