Dr David Wurmser discusses the current unrest in Iran and the Iranian people’s desire to take down the Ayotolah and replace him with their own chosen government. The Biden administration is siding with the same regime that has declared it will destroyt the West.
Also the history of the fall of civilizations when they lose sight of their foundation. Islam destroyed Rome not because of military might but because of the collapse of the third pillar which led to the dark ages. Pastor Greg points out the absolute necessity to keep God in the nations DNA. Turkey is committing genocide against Armenian Christians.
Israel has voted in the first religiously conservative government in its history since 1948. How might this influence their future.

H Wayne White author of a new book entitled The Decline of America: A Cancer Spreading in America discusses the 45 Goals of the Communist party and how Communism as a description has been replaced by the word Progressive. This is a great deception and we must call out communism as it has been responsible for the worlds greatest mass murder over 100,000,000 killed in the name of communism.