Dr. Judy Mikovits discusses the link between Simian Lung Cancer and the Monkey Viruses are a result of the incubation of the viruses in Monkeys since 1962. On 11-14-1986 the No Liability on Pharma was passed by Congress and that ended Safety tests. FDA lies about the efficacy of the vaccines.

Jonathan Emord author of The Authoritarians discusses the real culprits of the January 6th rioters and the actual guilty parties. Pelosi and Sund refused the assistance if the National Guard and changed the real story of DC Capitol Police letting people in to the Capitol and never giving warnings. Ashli Babbitt murder and violations of the 4th and 5th Amendments of the Constitution.

Listen to “Dr Judy Mikovits Simian Lung Cancer is the result of Vaccines Jonathan Emord Exposing January 6th Committee Bias” on Spreaker.