Pastor Greg recaps part of hour one, shares the impact of a Fresh Water Bore Well on people in Punjab India health and safety, Sheila Holm Shares on Saving America walking out the Book of Acts, Victor Avila former ICE and DSI retired shares the behind the scenes truth about the Uvalde Shooter. Uvalde a town occupied by CBP and DPS and targeted by the Cartels. A School filled with CBP and DPS Officers children. A boy whose mom has a drug problem and possible debt to the cartels. An 18 year old armed with two expensive weapons, rounds of ammo, full body armor and excellent marksmanship as he did battle with CBP BORTAC member wounding him in two places before being killed and was able to kill 21, including three adults with closed quarter kill shots. Cartels kill family to send messages and this looks like a cartel hit.

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