Rick Manning discusses the Memorial Day meaning. Pastor Greg shares the oath that is taken and the cost that those who take it pledge. Memorial Day honors those who laid down their lives for the freedom of a nation. Installation of the 31st Fresh Water Bore Well impact on the community and the women who will not have to fear rape as they go to retrieve water. 1500 to 300 lives changed per well. 62,000 lives touched per day.

Eric Caron Uvalde shooting the impact of dysfunctional families. Cartels, transnational criminal syndicates. Top for types of crime, Counterfeiting, everything from clothes to electronics, CCP Number 1, Drug Smuggling, Human Trafficking, Islam number one in this. Oz should not be a Senator with Turkish citizenship and Muslim ties. Environmental Crimes, Elephants, Ivory, exotic animals, CCP number one with Arab states a very close second. $2 Trillion business. Boko Haram source of their income.

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