Amid the United Nations COP27 “climate change” conference in Egypt, Religious leaders from various faith traditions gathered in Sinai, London and Jerusalem to repent of their climate sins and unveil what one organizer described as an “addendum” to the Ten Commandments. In this interview with The New American magazine’s foreign correspondent and senior editor Alex Newman, the figures also touched on what was referred to as a “Third Covenant” to build on the two referenced in the Bible. The controversial exercise, which is deeply intertwined with UN efforts to bring religious people on board, drew heated criticism from various Christian voices and Americans concerned about globalism and efforts to unify world religions. In this exclusive, unique interview, Alex talks to four key players in the movement: Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development chief Rabbi Yonatan Neril, Greek Orthodox Metropolitan Serafim , Peace Department CEO James Sternlicht, and Mattias Boehning with the World Evangelical Alliance Sustainability Center. The leaders also discuss their vision of religious cooperation in dealing with everything from perceived environmental issues to consumerism and materialism.