Prof. Patrick Provost stated in an interview that he was ‘just doing what I was hired to do.’

By Kennedy Hall
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A Canadian mRNA expert has been suspended for two months without pay for criticizing the push to vaccinate kids against COVID.

Dr. Patrick Provost, a professor of microbiology and immunology at the University of Laval, Quebec, was suspended on June 14 because of remarks he made at a conference in December 2021.

After Provost shared his views publicly, a colleague complained to the university administration. This led to an internal investigation that concluded Provost’s data and presentation weren’t objective.

Provost said at the conference that he believes that the risks of jabbing kids with an experimental mRNA COVID shot outweigh the potential benefits. An expert in mRNA technology, Provost studies the subject as part of his role at the University of Laval. In addition, he has his own laboratory where he does research.

The professor reacted to the suspension by stating in an interview that he was “just doing what I was hired to do.”

“I had some concerns about something, I searched the literature, and I prepared a speech, delivered it to the public. Being censored for doing what I’ve been trained to do — and hired to do — well, it’s hard to believe.”

He added that the censorship surrounding the prevailing COVID jab narrative is so strong that speaking against the public consensus is “worse than the N-word.”

“You’re condemned by the media, by the government, and you’re chased and put down,” he said.

Provost lamented the lack of academic freedom for professors like him: “We should be able to discuss any ideas — any opinions — and because I express opinions … against the narrative of the government, I was suspended.”

His union has filed a grievance on his behalf. It called the suspension an “attack on academic freedom.”

The risks posed to children who have tested positive for COVID have been recorded as being as low as two in a millionNumerous children have been reportedly harmed in severe ways from taking COVID shots, and reports of risks of mRNA jabs for the population at large are becoming more widespread.

British Medical Journal editor Dr. Peter Doshi and colleagues have discerned from their analysis that the vaccines are more likely to put you in hospital with a serious adverse event than keep you out by protecting you from COVID.

Provost had an article critical of Quebec’s response to the declared pandemic published on June 22, but it was quickly removed after pressure.

Using data from the provincial government, the Laval professor made the case that the sanitary measures put in place did little to nothing to deal with the virus, and that the “true portrait” of COVID in Quebec was not what mainstream messaging suggested.