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We are hearing through the grapevine that Sri Lanka’s latest approach to handling the fuel crisis in its country is to ration fuel using residents’ Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) QR codes.

The only way to buy gasoline in Sri Lanka, we are told, is to show one’s COVID “passport” via a smartphone – this being exactly the type of government misuse that many warned about when QR codes for the plandemic were first introduced.

A type of the Mark of the Beast, COVID QR codes are a digital mark that must be shown in order to continue engaging in commerce, as fuel is needed to drive, as well as to create and transport goods and services.

Russia’s “special operation” in Ukraine is shouldering most of the blame for Sri Lanka’s current dire situation as the tiny country, located at the southern tip of India, struggles to maintain adequate gas supplies amid a global rush for gas.

Prices for what little gas Sri Lanka has been able to procure are skyrocketing, and the government’s solution is to demand that residents show their COVID QR codes in order to partake (Related: Check out our earlier coverage about the Sri Lanka fuel protests to learn more about the spiraling situation in the Southeast Asian country).

Is fuel rationing on the agenda for the rest of the world?

It sounds as though the COVID QR code in Sri Lanka has been retooled as a gas rationing QR code, meaning residents are awarded access to fuel on some kind of rolling basis depending on available supplies.

As some gas becomes available, in other words, certain residents are notified that they can show up to purchase gas – just so long as their code has been “activated.” Those without an active QR code will not be allowed to purchase any gas.

The below video, which was shared on Twitter, shows the process in action:

Seeing as how covid QR codes were used in many other countries besides Sri Lanka, and seeing as how fuel shortages and inflation are now afflicting pretty much every country except Russia and its allies, it is safe to assume that this new imposition will spread to other countries.

As the gas taps get shut off in Europe, for instance, there is a chance that Europeans in countries like Germany and The Netherlands could eventually be told that they, too, need to show their QR codes in order to heat their homes and businesses this winter.

“They’ll tighten the screws to do everything they can to get ppl onto the App,” tweeted someone named “GetBackToLife – #NoJabsForKids” (@TinyFighterGirl).

Someone else named “Luther” (@LutherBurgsvik) tweeted a link to, though it does not seem to be accessible from anywhere outside of Sri Lanka – except, perhaps, with a VPN (virtual private network) ¬– as the main page displays a message stating:

“National Fuel Pass: You are not authorized”

“No doubt, this is where civil war comes into play,” added the GetBackToLife Twitter account in a separate tweet.

Another named “Rozalyn Gracia” (@graccie_roz) tweeted that she believes Sri Lanka was “intentionally staged to make way for this” as an example for the rest of the world to emulate as the economic dominoes continue to topple.

“This is exactly the essence of Agenda 2030,” she added. “God help us if people don’t wake up in time.”

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