By Luis Miguel
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As farmers in the Netherlands continue their ordeal with the government, some are looking to Bitcoin as a way of protecting their money.

In an interview with Bitcoin Magazine as related on, Boris van de Ven addressed the ongoing protests in his country, which have now reached their fourth week as farmers speak out against government emissions regulations that would put many of them out of business.

In what it has deemed an “unavoidable transition,” the Dutch government is ordering farmers to reduce their nitrogen emissions by up to 70 percent in many areas close to protected land, and by as much as 95 percent in others.

As one climate researcher told Fox News, under these conditions, many farmers “simply have to quit.”

De Ven, a Dutch educator and CEO of Blammo Media, says the situation has led to greater interest in Bitcoin, with farmers attracted to the prospect that it can put their money out of government’s reach.

“I was surprised by the farmers that I’ve talked to that most of them have heard of [Bitcoin], are aware of it, are very much aware of the problems they are facing,” de Ven told Bitcoin Magazine. He added that “Farmers are financially savvy and understand the solution that bitcoin brings.”

De Ven said there has been a growing number of Bitcoin podcasts and meetups in the Netherlands.

“If the government starts freezing bank accounts, Bitcoin will be there immediately,” he said, going on to warn of the looming danger of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs):

The European Central Bank (ECB) is developing a CBDC for the euro saying that a digital currency will speed up transactions, help lower interest rates and reduce the use of cash.

Calling it a potential “totalitarian nightmare,” de Ven estimates that the digital euro will be introduced in the next couple of years and notes that the ECB’s consultation process produced mostly negative reactions from the general public.

De Ven sees this as another pressure point for farmers who are increasingly understanding that they may need a way to transact outside of the reach of the government.

Once the regulatory trap is in place both with CBDCs and with KYC [“Know Your Customer”] regulations for exchanges, there is no going back.

De Ven also sounded the alarm about “great centralization” taking place as the government of the Netherlands cedes control to regional and global entities such as the European Union and the World Economic Forum.

The Dutch government is attempting to impose the EU’s Natura 2000 agenda, which states that the bloc’s 27 member states “must ensure that the sites are managed in a sustainable manner, both ecologically and economically.”

Inspired by Canada’s trucker protests, Dutch farmers have blocked roads, highways, and access points to supermarkets — and even spread manure on government buildings. In retaliation, police have fired live rounds at the farmers. Tens of thousands have taken part in the demonstrations, often using tractors and other equipment for blockades.

Agriculture makes up a major part of the Dutch economy, with approximately 54,000 agricultural businesses bringing in 94 billion euros in goods per year. But the government has thus far simply shrugged its shoulders at the damages the new policy is causing.

“This sector will change, but unfortunately there’s no choice, we have to bring down nitrogen emissions,” the prime minister said.

The damage is undoubtedly intentional and serves the globalist agenda of total control on many levels. The globalists are notably population reductionists, and having less food means fewer people — after many of the people starve to death, of course.

And forcing farmers to go out of business will allow the government to swoop in and buy the farmland the out-of-work farmers will be forced to sell, thus giving the government even greater control over food production.

The same strategy is being carried out in America, where the government, globalist billionaires such as Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, and even communist China are rapidly buying up the nation’s farmland.

The “climate change” fearmongering constantly peddled by the global elites is merely a means to an end, the end being totalitarian control. The same goes for CBDCs, which will allow the global oligarchs to control the world’s money in the same way they want to control the world’s food.