The annually imposed mask mandate would coincide with the nation’s famous Oktoberfest.

By Jack Bingham
Article Source

The German government is considering a proposal that would require citizens to wear masks indoors every winter in anticipation of annual COVID waves.

According to German newspaper Die Welt, the proposal would require mask wearing in all public spaces, including restaurants, bars and retail stores, throughout the entire winter season of October to March. It is unclear if the proposal would extend to schools or other settings with young children.

The justification being given for the annually renewing mandate is the idea that COVID, like the flu, experiences an uptick in cases during the cold weather, and the widely disputed idea that mandating the wearing of masks could limit the spread of the highly survivable virus.

A mask mandate being imposed in Germany during October would also coincide with the nation’s famous Oktoberfest, a beer festival that attracts upwards of five million attendees a year.

Despite governments and health agencies around the world enforcing the wearing of masks since the onset of the so-called COVID-19 pandemic, at least 47 studies have indicated that masks are ineffective at stopping the spread of the coronavirus.

An additional 32 studies go even further than pointing to ineffectiveness and suggest that mask wearing can actually negatively impact one’s health.

With a survival rate of over 99.95% for those under age 50, scientific evidence suggesting masks are ineffective. Moreover, a growing number of experts are warning that young children are experiencing psychological and cognitive impairment from growing up in a masked world which prevents them from reading facial expressions. Many are concerned that masking has caused needless and even irreparable harm.

An August 2021 study out of Rhode Island found that children born during the COVID-19 pandemic have markedly lower cognitive ability compared to their pre-pandemic counterparts.

According to researchers, this finding is not the result of biological factors or malnutrition, but rather “environmental conditions” such as “mask policies” which have “fundamentally altered” how children are raised.