By Ethan Huff
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It is no longer acceptable for people who live in New Zealand to question any decision their government makes, no matter how tyrannical.

According to Rebecca Kitteridge, director of the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service, believing in “conspiracy theories” – any belief contrary to the globalist agenda is now considered a conspiracy theory – means that one has been “radicalized” and could be secretly planning a terror attack.

Kitteridge told New Zealanders that there are “dozens of indicators” they can look for to identify potential conspiracy theory terrorism in their own families and friend circles. The mere act of vocally opposing the government’s decisions is one of them.

Anyone who opposes “government policies that are interpreted as infringing on rights” or the “covid measures the government took” is suspect, according to Kitteridge – watch the video below to hear Kitteridge for yourself:

Ardern told New Zealanders back in July that she and her regime are their “single source of truth”

One such government policy that a conspiracy theorist might speak out about is the time when Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern declared that 25-person sex orgies were safe, even as everyday New Zealanders were still being forced to wear a mask at the grocery store.

Questioning Ardern’s decision on that matter means you are a terrorist, according to Kitteridge, who believes that government officials should never be questioned – just always obeyed blindly.

It was covid that really sealed the deal for New Zealand in becoming a full-fledged police state run by openly globalist infiltrators who despise personal freedom and individual liberty.

“There is simply no room in New Zealand for public debate,” reported Newspunch about the matter. “Anyone with a different point of view to Ardern’s WEF-infiltrated government is considered an enemy.”

Just to be sure that nobody missed the memo, Ardern announced back in July that citizens of New Zealand must listen to, accept, and obey her every whim because her regime is now their “single source of truth.”

“Unless you hear it from us,” Ardern added in that announcement, “it’s not truth.”

If a New Zealander hears anyone claim otherwise, they need to “dismiss anything else,” Ardern added – watch below:

It was not all that long ago, relatively speaking, that New Zealand valued many of the same things as patriotic Americans. Citizens had the freedom to move about without getting jabbed or wearing a face cloth. They were also allowed to own guns.

Now, however, New Zealand is a totalitarian police state, the leaders of which are unashamed to announce it every chance they get. The rest of the world – including the United States – faces the exact same future, by the way, unless We the People put a stop to it, and soon.

“The false flag Mosque shooting and rapid gun confiscation in the summer of 2019 was essential to Ardern’s success in subjugating the New Zealand people,” wrote a commenter, noting that this pre-scamdemic gun grab occurred precisely when it was scheduled to happen.

“The planned scamdemic started a few months later, leaving Kiwis in a bad situation no matter what your politics are. I have a friend in Auckland who freaked out at me for telling her non-approved facts that her government was censoring about the shooting and the covid hoax.”

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