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New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has admitted that the country is still struggling to deal with Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) cases despite its high vaccination rate.

According to leading public health researcher Michael Baker, New Zealand is “losing the arms race with the virus.” COVID-19 cases have skyrocketed within the last week or so in an “abrupt rise.”

Baker warned that the odds are against New Zealand and reports show that hospitals in the country are getting overwhelmed. Data from New Zealand also show that coronavirus cases and hospitalizations are decreasing among the unvaccinated but increasing among the vaccinated.

However, Baker is still calling for new mRNA vaccines to be rolled out urgently while using terminology usually associated with wartime.

Professor John Gibson, an economist at Waikato University, published a paper revealing that boosters are ineffective and that the excess mortality in New Zealand highlights an alarming health deficit among people who are vaccinated.

Similar trends in other countries have been recorded among the young and working age.

But why is this kind of analysis not being taken seriously? (Related: Jacinda Ardern leads the way with disinformation.)

The great biotechnology scam

For many years pressure had been building to adopt biotechnology in agriculture and food, then in medicine and in weaponry. For people who wanted to gain the most, the potential profits were huge. After all, food and medicine are the global markets that flourish regardless of whether things are fine or not.

The release in 2019 of COVID-19, a novel biotech pathogen, was the first attack in a completely new type of global warfare. Biotech vaccines were advertised as defensive weapons that everyone needed, so the whole economic process was turned over to vaccine production and promotion.

In countries like New Zealand, political parties closed ranks behind the war effort. Government propaganda insisted that if you loved your country and your people, you would get vaccinated. If you chose not to get vaccinated, you would suffer consequences.

People who allowed themselves to get vaccinated thus became heroes, while those who suffered vaccine injuries were ignored.

Instead of being protected, the young were forced into the front lines. They were at little or no risk from coronavirus infection, but they were exposed nonetheless to a significant and measurable risk of cardiac damage through mRNA vaccination.

So why did people allow this to happen? Because of government deception and fearmongering. Also because Big Pharma published lies and false scientific data claiming that vaccine-induced immunity would “shield” society from possible infection.

Censorship and propaganda amid the pandemic

Meanwhile, experts who spoke up against vaccine mandates and other draconian pandemic measures were punished and censored. Politicians also fought to appear the most committed and the most generous with funding.

There are several trends within the social psychology of war, like profiteers, sadists, rumormongers and mainstream media that faithfully repeat what the government orders them to. These were all in play amid the pandemic.

While the battle between human immunity and pathogens is an age-old conflict that humans have always won, now majority of the people have allowed their flexible immune systems to be exposed to a prescriptive mRNA vaccine designed in a lab that wasn’t sufficiently tested.

Protestors have asked the government to give back their right to make their own medical choices, but the government insists on telling people what to do.

While the first pandemic war is backed by political, financial and authoritarian ambitions, the only way to end it is for those responsible from all sides to use their common sense. Pausing biotechnology experimentation and vaccinations is the only way to ensure peace and the safety of the public.

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