The goal of the centers appears to be to make it easier for children to ‘come out’ later in life.

By Andreas Wailzer
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Two “LBGT daycare centers” for small children are set to open in Berlin in 2023, with the aim make it easier to “come out” later in life. One of the board members of the organization running the daycare center is a known advocate for the normalization of pedophilia.

The idea behind the daycare centers is to show what it’s like “to be gay or lesbian.” “For example, there are ten ordinary children’s books and three in which the prince marries a prince,” explained Marcel de Groot, managing director of the organization “Gay Counseling Berlin.”

The goal of the centers appears to be to make it easier for children to “come out” later in life. “In essence, our concept is the same as at other daycare centers. The LGBTI* way of life should simply be a bit more visible,” de Groot said.

Children would not have to know if they are “gay” or “lesbian” in order to attend, as all children would be accepted, according to the managing director.

“A couple of parents have signed up whose son likes to wear a dress and hair clips for his birthday,” said the center’s executive director. “They hope that will be more acceptable to us than at the previous daycare.”

Some 63 children are already signed up for the centers.

The centers are also notable for their connection to 86-year-old Rüdiger Lautmann, who is infamous for his advocacy for the normalization of pedophilia.

The sole shareholder of “Gay Counseling Berlin” is the “Psychosocial center for gays,” which has three board members, one of whom is Lautmann.

In his 1994 book titled “The lust for the child” Lautmann interviews several pedophiles with the official stated goal to gain new insight into the psychological disorder. However, Lautmann defended pedophiles by drawing a distinction between pedophile abuse and “real pedophilia.” This form of pedophilia is not a psychological disorder according to Lautmann, but a legitimate form of sexuality and he stated that some children would want and enjoy this form of sexual engagement.

In 2008, Lautmann wrote a positive obituary about Helmut Kentler, and called him a “beacon of light.” Kentler was, however, later identified to be behind one of the biggest pedophile abuse scandals in German history.

For decades, Berlin’s youth welfare offices placed children and adolescents in the “care” of pedophile offenders, who sexually abused them for years. The mastermind behind this pedophile network was Helmut Kentler.

Moreover, in 1979 Lautmann was instrumental in a motion calling for the decriminalization of sexual acts with children under the age of 14.

Lautmann is also a board member of “SPDqueer” a local pro-LGBT organization affiliated with Germany’s largest political party, the Social Democrat Party of Germany (SPD).

When asked about the involvement of Lautmann in the new daycare centers, managing Director De Groot defended the link, and said: “Mr. Lautmann has nothing to do with the day-to-day business, the idea for the daycare centers came from us. That would also be too problematic from my point of view.”

Opposition to the centers has been met with swift opposition from Big Tech. Conservative author Birgit Kelle was temporarily banned from Twitter after commenting on the “gay-lesbian” daycare centers:

Good to know: The 3-year-olds don’t have to decide if they’re gay/lesbian yet, but thanks to pedophile savant Lautmann on the board, they’re sure to find great people to talk to if they want to know more about sex.

Protect your kids from this #LGBT propaganda

She was allowed back into her account a day later, saying her return was due to the help of a free speech organization.