The mega-banks of the United States and the world are critical players in the Deep State United Nations-led effort to transform the planet and impose centralized global controls under the guise of fighting “climate change,” warns The New American magazine Senior Editor in this episode of Behind The Deep State. As predicted by Georgetown historian Caroll Quigley, the Bank for International Settlements is the “apex” of this move, through the appropriately named “Financial Stability Board” (FSB). Central banks, the BIS and banks are all working together—and with the UN—to stop lending and investment in companies and industries that are to be phased out for the New World Order. The targeted victims include traditional energy and even agriculture, two key sectors that make life possible for all of the billions of people on the planet. This is not about climate, but about transforming the economy and civilization. Mega-banks around the world have joined UN organizations such as the Net-Zero Banking Alliance. Fortunately, policymakers in Republican-leaning states are working to investigate and rein in some of this.