The Deep State’s new “climate” religion focused on the environment and care for “Mother Earth” rather than sin, salvation and the Creator, is emerging alongside a growing United Nations push for a new system of morality and ethics, explains The New American magazine’s Alex Newman in this special episode of Behind The Deep State filmed at the top of Mt. Sinai in Egypt. A global coalition of leaders from various faith traditions including pagans, Jews, Christians, Muslims, and even an Amazonian shaman went up to Mt. Sinai just days before this was filmed to repent of their climate sins and unveil what was originally described as the new Ten Commandments. In interviews with The New American, the leaders of the movement referred to it as an “addendum” to the Ten Commandments and defended their vision of “leveraging” faith communities to supposedly save the climate. Meanwhile, the UN Development Program put out an important document ahead of the COP27 calling for a new moral and ethical system to replace the old one—based on the original Ten Commandments, which the UN claims “evolved” with mankind—as the previous moral code was apparently not suitable for protecting the climate. Interestingly, numerous scientists over the years have argued that the “climate cult” was in fact working to create a new religion, where repentance for CO2 emissions rather than sin would become the norm. And here we are.