By R. Cort Kirkwood
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For 30 years, police in Telford, England, did nothing while 200 men raped and/or sexually abused 1,000 girls. The cops did nothing, a newly-released report says, because they feared that investigating “Asian” men, meaning Pakistanis and other Muslims, would “inflame racial tensions.”

Indeed, they likely feared being called racists more than causing what leftists call a “backlash against Muslims” when yet another story of Islamic terror surfaces.

An inquiry on the failure of police to stop the grooming and rape of mostly white English girls began after a newspaper exposed the rape gang in 2018.

Brainwashing, Then Rape

“Children in Telford were brainwashed for years by men who bought them alcohol and cigarettes in what was described as a ‘loverboy’ method to sexually exploit them,” the Daily Mail reported of the inquiry’s findings.

The Muslims operated a “rape house,” and “girls who were much younger and vulnerable were targeted by men they would meet on the street or who might be a taxi or food delivery driver and persuaded to become their “girlfriend.”

“The typical perpetrator’s plan was to meet as many girls as they could, particularly those on the edge of friendship groups or who seemed to be craving attention,” the newspaper continued:

The men might start by giving the child a lift, buying them fast food, alcohol and cigarettes and topping up their mobile phones — all in a bid to convince the girl they were in a loving relationship.

It was a “by far the most common method by which children were introduced to child sexual exploitation” in Telford, in what studies have called “the ‘boyfriend’ or ‘loverboy’ model’,” the report said.

Having done so, the men would encourage the child to become involved in sexual activity and establish control.

But the abuse went on for decades because cops trembled with fear about being called racists. The probe was “too politically incorrect,” and police dropped cases against “Asian” men “like a hot potato.”

The report’s 47 recommendations to improve police work won’t do the victims much good. And in any event, here’s a recommendation England’s largely white population won’t see: stopping the Islamic demographic conquest of what was once the most powerful nation in the world.

Laughably, the cops apologized.

“I would like to say sorry … to the survivors and all those affected by child sexual exploitation in Telford,” Assistant Chief Constable Richard Cooper said:

While there were no findings of corruption, our actions fell far short of the help and protection you should have had from us, it was unacceptable, we let you down.

You don’t say.

Just Nine of 200 Caught

Frighteningly, police caught and punished just nine of 200 grooming-gang rapists.

Two rape-gang leaders were Ahdel Ali and his brother Mubarak, the Mail reported:

The Ali brothers were found guilty in 2012 of numerous offences against four girls aged from 13 to 17, including rape, sexual activity with a child, inciting and controlling child prostitution and trafficking children for sex.…

The pair were found guilty a total of 24 offences, including controlling child prostitution, people trafficking and sexual exploitation.

The brothers were released in 2017 and 2020.

Among the horror stories are those of Lucy Lowe, 11, Becky Watson, 13, and Vicky Round, 20.

“Lowe, 16, died alongside her mother and sister after the man who had been abusing her, 26-year-old Azhar Ali Mehmood, set fire to their house, the Mail continued:

The taxi-driver first targeted Lucy in 1997. She gave birth to his child when she was just 14.

Mehmood was jailed for murdering Lucy, her mother Eileen and her sister Sarah, 17.

However, he was never arrested or charged with any sex abuse crimes over his involvement with the young girl.

Killed in a car crash described as a “prank,” Watson “suffered two years of sex abuse at the hands of a grooming gang, which began when she was 11.”

The rapists forced Vicky Round “into a crack cocaine addiction aged 12. By the age of 14 she was taking heroin regularly. She died aged 20 after a suspected drug overdose.”

Another victim called Holly described a “whirlwind of rape” and told police the rapists pimped her out “countless times.”