The United Nations and “every jurisdiction” should play a role in ensuring that children are getting enough “education” on climate change in their schools and encourage them to do more for the planet, argued Australia’s Huon Valley Deputy Mayor Toby Thorpe in an interview with The New American magazine’s Alex Newman at the UN COP27 climate summit. Everybody must agree because people can’t choose to believe in science or not, “it’s actually factual,” he added. Young Cronulla Entrepreneur Kal Glanznnig agreed with Thorpe, and encouraged people to visit islands where sea levels are supposedly rising. The time to act to solve the “climate crisis” was yesterday, Thorpe added, calling for stepped up efforts at mitigation and arguing that not doing stuff showed a lack of empathy for people supposedly afflicted by climate change. Governments must also do more to teach children about “climate change,” too, he added.