While the attention of the world is about America’s ignominious retreat in Afghanistan, a stunning political event occurred only a few days ago in Morocco.

Following my article 29th July 2021, on America Out Loud  https://www.americaoutloud.com/is-tunisia-undergoing-a-second-arab-spring/

The country that survived the debacles among other Arab countries of the misnamed ‘Arab Spring’ in 2011 maybe bringing hopefully – a better one than the last – because the Moroccan electorate overwhelmingly outvoted the representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood of the Justice & Development party.

Just as what happened in Egypt when the Egyptian people  democratically elected the Muslim Brotherhood (Freedom & Justice Party — which supported neither freedom nor justice) to power after the fall of Hosni Mubarak’s militarist government but very shortly thereafter regretting it, and started massive demonstrations against their President Mohammad Morsi for the party’s total mismanagement of the economy and its attempts to start conflicts with its neighbours, thus  forcing the armed forces under their commander Abdel Fattah al Sisi to remove him from office and take over as President, till the present.

In the other Arab country of Tunisia, the main political parties,  have been accusing president Kais Saied of staging a coup on Sunday 25th July 2021 after he sacked the prime minister and suspended parliament, with the backing of the military, thus terminating the utter economic and social failures of the Muslim Brotherhood rule of the country.

Fortunately, president Saied promised fair elections as soon as matters permitted.

The Moroccan electorate refused to have the Islamist Brotherhood from again coming to power with a resounding defeat that has turned the members of the party against each other but one should give them full credit for fully accepting responsibility for their failure to rule instead of the usual Muslim tendency of blaming ‘others’ for their disasters.

Both of the peoples of Egypt, Tunis and now Morocco have declared publicly and unambiguously their contempt and refusal to have Sharia imposed upon them. They want a secular (even if military) rule than the clueless theocratic scum telling them how to live and die.

If this spreads to more Muslim countries, the future will be rosier for most of them because every theocratic (Sharia compliant) Muslim state ends up in the abyss of economic and social collapse. Take the Shia Ayatollah theocratic regime in Iran or that of Hezbollah in Lebanon or the Shia Houthis in Yemen or the Sunnis in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Gaza, all are hells on Earth for their peoples.

They would rather have the true freedoms of Muslims in the United Arab Emirates who are Muslims without imposing the draconian edicts of Sharia that forbids them from ever co- existing with non Muslims.

Tragically, while many Arab states correctly consider the Muslim Brotherhood and its derivatives as terrorist, both the European Union and the State Department, not only treat them with respect but support them with hundreds of millions of dollars. Their action is a total collapse of rational thinking and a supreme act of dereliction of duty.

In the USA, CAIR (Council for American-Islamic Relations) is the foremost representative of the Muslim Brotherhood, and the best example of Stealth Jihad or Civilization Jihad, meaning they are not the deadly suicide bombing tip of the spear of War Jihad but the shaft that supports it with propaganda, money, politics, media, academia, arms, illegal immigration, lawyers and all other means needed to allow Jihad to succeed in destroying Europe and the USA from within and without simultaneously without war. In reality, without the support of the shaft, the tip of the spear is utterly useless.

On both continents, not only are the leaders criminally negligent in comprehending how insidious and deadly the Muslims are succeeding in undermining both the will, economies and demography of the host nations, but the silence of the peoples is deafening, thus they are complicit in their own slow but deliberate self-destruction and the very few sane voices shouting are overwhelmed by the sounds of a hurricane emanating from Politically Correct insane people.

One of the foremost thinkers and leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood, Ahmad Mansour declared to all the Arab world the following:

“It has been proven that the Muslim Brotherhood is much more successful while its members are in the prison system than as members of a parliamentary democracy. Because while in prison they are under control, bearing no responsibilities and have the sympathy of the people with them. Unfortunately, when they gain power, they are clueless, incompetent, corrupt and without foresight thus they failed totally in fulfilling their promises hence losing the trust of most of the people and gaining their anger, causing them an ignominious political defeat”

Other luminaries of Islam have come to the conclusion based on the failures of the Muslim Brotherhood in keeping long term political power, that the only way to rule Muslim countries is to follow the Taliban example and never the Western type of Democracy.

To rule with the gun not with freedom of choice or thought. These Islamists would rather have their peoples live under the abyss of Muhammad’s 7th century Arabia than the UAE’s  21st century.

As I have incessantly pointed out, that the single purpose for the life of every Sharia compliant Muslim is to relentlessly commit Jihad by War or Stealth until all humans either submit in – humiliation and degradation for ever – to Allah’s Sharia or be exterminated.

It is extremely difficult for the Western mind to comprehend – although it is crystal clear based upon the Islamic scripture – that Sharia compliant Muslims are mandated by their demonic god Allah, to prefer death and the promised infinite pleasures in the afterlife than life on Earth.