Cole categorized the push to jab women and children – which he views as irresponsible – as ‘criminal acts that are being perpetrated upon humanity.’

By Kennedy Hall
Article Source

An American pathologist says that the potential side effects from the COVID jab were like a “nuclear bomb,” due to the “platform of lipid nanoparticle” technology that “has never been proven before.”

Dr. Ryan Cole sat down with Bright Light News during the World Council for Health Better Way Conference on June 4 and gave his medical opinion on the dangers that he has witnessed in the wake of the COVID jab rollout.

“Everybody hears about myocarditis,” he said. “What they don’t hear is that a lipid nanoparticle plus a modified gene sequence is a nuclear bomb.”

“It’s not just that this COVID shot is dangerous for people, it’s this platform of lipid nanoparticle plus gene sequence that has never been proven before.”

Cole likened the lipid nanoparticle platform to “garlic, once you stick it in the arm it goes anywhere in the body.” Because of this, “it can damage the brain,” he added.

According to Cole, lipid nanoparticles “were originally designed to take chemotherapy or potential gene agents to the brain.”

“Where do you not want a toxin replicating itself?” he asked. “In your brain.”

Cole said that this has led to “immune suppression,” which he said is evidenced by an increase in “cancer rates because of that immune suppression.”

“We’re seeing deaths from this shot at a rate higher than any medical product ever used on humanity before,” he stated. He called the COVID shot rollout “the largest experiment on humanity ever done, not knowing the long-term outcomes.”

Of particular concern to Cole is the spike protein mechanism of the mRNA shots, which has been linked to blood clots, heart and brain damage, and potential risks to nursing babies and fertility.

Cole also asserted that the jab is being used “for a virus that no longer exists.” By that he meant the “Wuhan”  virus, the alleged original COVID variant.

“Wuhan is gone; omicron’s here,” he said. “The shots are now all risk, no benefit.”

In addition, he said, “vaccines… against coronaviruses never worked.”

Cole is concerned about vaccine induced “permanent organ damage in people.” He is also worried about the damage the shot could cause children and women’s fertility.

“The children are putting this needle with this gene in their arm…,” Cole said.

“Wrong shot, wrong protein, wrong virus…,” he continued.

“We don’t even know where it’s going to land, [but] we do know it goes to their ovaries.”

“It was never safe in pregnancy,” he added. “You never use an experimental therapy modality on women until proven safe.”

“These [vaccines] were never safe in pregnancy, and never will be.”

Cole categorized the push to jab women and children – which he views as irresponsible – as “criminal acts that are being perpetrated upon humanity.”