Turning lawbreakers loose rather than prosecuting them discourages police from doing their job and fosters more crime.

By C. Mitchell Shaw
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As police officers and sheriff’s deputies across the nation risk life and limb to arrest criminals in the midst of an increase in crime — including violent crime — many of them are finding their efforts amount to little more than an exercise in futility. That is because while police work hard to make arrests and build cases, many district attorneys across America seem to be working just as hard to nullify those efforts by either reducing the charges or refusing outright to bring charges in the first place. And most of those district attorneys have one thing in common: Their campaigns were funded in large part by George Soros.

Soros helped finance the campaigns of at least 23 district attorneys from 12 states across America. In all, Soros spent $15 million on the elections of those 23 district attorneys. And he appears to have weighed the costs and spent his resources where he could get the most bang for his buck.

For instance, Soros spent nearly one-fifth of that $15 million on the Los Angeles County, California, race of George Gascon. While Soros actually forked out a total of $6 million on DA races in California, most of that was to losing candidates. But in George Gascon, Soros seems to have found a man worthy of his best efforts. Of the $6 million Soros spent on the California DA races, nearly half of that ($2.5 million) went to Gascon, who — not surprisingly — easily won his race. And of all of Gascon’s donors, Soros was the most generous. In all, Gascon spent just a smidgen over $12 million on his campaign.

Dark Money, Dark Purposes

Due to limits on how much money can be contributed directly to campaigns, Soros funnels contributions through Super PACs, which are not subject to contribution limits. The result is that dark money fuels dark purposes, and candidates such as Gascon are able to outspend their opponents by staggering margins. As anyone who has paid even moderate attention to Soros-funded politics would expect, the records of the Soros-funded district attorneys are abysmal.

Take George Gascon as a prime example. As The New American’s Bob Adelmann reported online recently, Gascon’s tenure as Los Angeles County DA has been marked — almost from day one — by “the same far-left liberal policies that got him in trouble as San Francisco’s DA: eliminating cash bail for certain offenses, not seeking the death penalty no matter how violent or outrageous the crime, reopening closed cases against LAPD officers, and ‘reevaluating’ sentences for which the convict had already served time.”

When Adelmann writes of Gascon getting “in trouble” as San Francisco’s DA, he is referring to soaring crime rates, including for murders and other violent crimes. While Gascon was DA of San Francisco, criminals understood what the voters who elected Gascon had not: It was open season to commit crimes, since while they might be arrested, they would not likely be prosecuted. Even if they were, the sentencing would be light and easy. Crime rose accordingly in San Francisco. And once San Francisco managed to get rid of Gascon and Los Angeles elected him, the result was predictable: Crime went up in L.A. and arrests went down.

Cause and Effect

Gascon is not an anomaly. A brief perusal of some of the other district attorneys Soros funded shows a pattern.

After Diana Becton took office in Contra Costa County, California, the Contra Costa Herald reported that “out of the 461 individual municipalities in California, four cities in Contra Costa County made the [FBI’s] list of the 100 most dangerous cities within the state.”

And in Cook County (Chicago), Illinois, Kim Foxx’s policies have made Chicago even more dangerous than it already was. Chicago has long had a reputation as a crime-ridden city, but as Foxx’s office made news for dropping charges against 30 percent of felony defendants during 2020, the city has experienced the highest spike in murders in more than 30 years.

And it is not just large cities seeing these trends. Hinds County, Mississippi, has a population of about 250,000. But with Jody Owens’ policies in place, even CNN reported that Hinds County is now “one of the deadliest US cities,” with more than 150 homicides in 2021. And while Owens is not going after criminals, he is going out of his way to prosecute police for non-existent crimes. In 2020, he brought murder charges against two police officers, but Hinds County Circuit Judge E. Faye Peterson dismissed the case with prejudice, citing a lack of evidence that any crime was committed.

And while it is hard to imagine Hinds County, Mississippi, as “one of the deadliest US cities,” an even worse distinction now belongs to St. Louis, Missouri. The year after Kim Gardner became district attorney, St. Louis became the murder capital of the nation. Soros — apparently pleased with that outcome — poured $116,000 into Gardner’s 2020 reelection campaign. And he got what he paid for. The following year, 2021, saw St. Louis become “one of the deadliest cities in the world,” according to the Washington Examiner. The result is the same in city after city. And the result appears to be deliberate. Soros is financing the demise of America. And he is playing the long game.

The Long Game

Monique Worrell is the Soros-funded district attorney in Orange and Osceola Counties, Florida. And she is not the first district attorney Soros financed there. Her predecessor, Aramis Ayala, was also a Soros district attorney, elected in 2016 with the help of $1.3 million from Soros. Ayala was so bad that two different Republican governors removed her from multiple high-profile murder cases. During her reign of terror, violent crime increased, reaching a peak in 2020, with murders up a whopping 26 percent.

When Ayala left her post as district attorney to pursue higher offices, Soros pumped $1 million into Worrell’s campaign, allowing her to swoop in out of nowhere and take the race at the last minute. Allied with Black Lives Matter and other anti-police leftist groups, Worrell describes herself as a “criminal justice reformer” who began her career as a public defender in Orange County, Florida. Her previous job was as the chief legal officer at REFORM Alliance, which bills itself as an organization that “aims to transform probation and parole by changing laws, systems and culture.”

So, an anti-police activist attorney who last worked to change “laws, systems and culture” to favor probation and parole over prison is now the Soros-funded district attorney in Orange and Osceola Counties, Florida, and is implementing her goals in the way she performs (or fails to perform) the duties of her job.

As things continue to go from bad to worse in areas with Soros-funded district attorneys, many concerned citizens are taking action. Voters have launched recall efforts for some of these district attorneys. Most notably, George Gascon in Los Angeles is facing a serious effort to remove him from office. If that effort succeeds, Gascon would be replaced, but that is when the real work begins. Soros has shown that he is not shy about throwing his money into electing dark district attorneys for the purpose of tearing America down so that he can rebuild it according to his plans. While getting rid of those district attorneys is a great starting place, the effort to restore America moving forward will require an informed electorate that does not fall for Soros-funded lies in the future.

That has to be America’s long game.

C. Mitchell Shaw, a freelance writer, is a strong advocate of both the free market and privacy. He addresses a wide range of issues related to the U.S. Constitution and liberty.