By Ethan Huff
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There was a lot of deception that came out of the covid scamdemic, one of the most prominent being the myth that ivermectin, a safe and effective FDA-approved drug, is somehow dangerous and ineffective to use in the context of the Fauci Flu.

We were told again and again that the drug is just “horse paste” or that it was designed for cattle, even though the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved it for humans back in the ’90s. We were also told again and again that the drug does not even work for the Chinese Flu, which is scientifically false.

Truth be told, ivermectin is a wonder drug that is among the safest to ever have been developed by the pharmaceutical industry. It won a Nobel Prize and has been used ever since all around the world to treat parasites and other conditions.

After the Trump administration mentioned it to America, the establishment started to panic and run hit stories on ivermectin. We were told that the drug causes “serious harm” and that it is “dangerous.” We were also told it might be “laced” with “poison,” according to the FDA.

Every scare tactic in the book was attempted to dissuade people from choosing ivermectin over living in fear, avoiding others, wearing a mask, and taking endless “vaccines.” This campaign worked on some, but not all.

Even Merck & Co., the original developer of ivermectin, spoke out against it. The political pressure was simply too much, apparently, for anyone to dare speak out in favor of ivermectin, even though it works. (Related: Ivermectin was found to reduce the risk of death by 92 percent.)

Don’t believe the lies: Ivermectin is safe and effective

Though a handful of studies claim to have found it to be ineffective, many, many more studies – the vast majority, in fact – have found that ivermectin is safe and effective.

Even for those it does not seem to work for, ivermectin does not cause any harmful side effects. The fact that the FDA and other establishment figures felt the need to lie about ivermectin is suspect.

Why was it so important to stop people from using ivermectin? Why did the FDA even go so far as to try to intercept foreign shipments of it into the United States to prevent people from accessing it?

The reality is that ivermectin is a threat to the entire establishment and its covid agenda. The plan was to deceive the entire world into following the official covid protocols, which would have wiped out most people and left behind a small few to become the new globalist slave class.

That plan was intercepted when cracks began to form in the control matrix. The truth slipped out and some people asking questions became many people asking questions – and the rest is history.

We know for a fact that many lives have been saved by ivermectin, which costs next to nothing to make since it is generic and no longer under patent protections. It was an almost perfect medicine that we also know works against coronaviruses – as admitted by none other than Tony Fauci himself prior to the scamdemic.

Had ivermectin been made widely available over the counter for cheap, untold millions of lives could have been saved. Instead, those lives were ended by Fauci and his cadre of mass murderers who still to this day malign ivermectin.

“Ivermectin is a repurposed drug that helps, and could have helped so much more,” reported the Brownstone Institute. “It deserves recognition, not disparagement.”

“What we really need, however, is a way to inoculate ourselves against the lies and misrepresentations of powerful public figures, organizations, and drug companies. Sadly, there are no such vaccines for that contagion.”

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