Parent of violent gender-confused man allegedly mocked one of the victims.

By Matt Lamb
Article Source

Law enforcement charged a gender-confused male with beating up two female students in a high school bathroom, according to recently obtained police reports.

Reduxx reported on December 12 that it had obtained police reports from the October 26 incident. The man has been charged with assault, battery, and disorderly conduct.

The website reported:

The female student advised the officer that a trans-identified student, indicated by the letter A, had approached her in the women’s washroom while she was speaking to friends. She explained that A had tried to talk to her and she had ignored him, at which point A began to get angry and asked if she “wanted to fight” while approaching her with balled fists.

The victim said that the trans-identified student then hit her in the face, and she indicated in her statement that she was not strong enough to fight back due to the force of the blow.

The transgender student pulled the girl’s hair and forced her to the ground, at which point he began to kick her in the face and punch her repeatedly.

Another female student and tried to stop the male student from beating up the girl, but was hit herself, according to Reduxx.

“One of the other female students attempted to intervene, and was punched twice on the left side of her face by the assailant,” the website reported. “One witness indicated that the girl had tried to step in because A ‘is a man,’ and she felt her friend’s life was at risk.”

A parent of the male student allegedly mocked one of the victims about the assault.

The male student also violated state law which requires public schools to keep female bathrooms and locker rooms open only to women.

The assault is similar to a sexual assault perpetrated by a cross-dressing male student in a Virginia high school against a female student.

A grand jury recently indicted former Loudoun County Public Schools superintendent Scott Ziegler for covering up the crime.