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The reason why Pfizer’s Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine” was declared to be “safe and effective” by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is because Pfizer lied about the outcomes of its clinical trials.

Pfizer’s clinical trial documents, which started getting released on June 1 by the FDA as part of a lawsuit and court-ordered disclosure schedule, reveal that the company classified nearly every severe adverse event that occurred as being “not related to shots.”

The 80,000-page document pile from Pfizer includes an extensive set of Case Report Forms (CFRs) from the company’s Phase 3 trials, which were conducted at various locations throughout the United States.

“The CRFs included in this month’s documents contain often vague explanations of the specific symptoms experienced by the trial participants,” writes Michael Nevradakis, PhD, for The Defender, a project of Children’s Health Defense (CHD).

“They also reveal a trend of classifying almost all adverse events – and in particular severe adverse events (SAEs) – as being ‘not related’ to the vaccine.”

Just like they did with covid itself, vaccine deaths were blamed on everything but the jabs themselves

In one instance, a woman in her 50s who participated in a Pfizer clinical trial at the Sterling Research Group in Cincinnati, Ohio, died of an apparent myocardial infarction on Nov. 4, 2020, after receiving two injections two months prior.

“The patient had a medical history of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, hypertension, hypothyroidism, osteoarthritis of the knees and attention deficit disorder,” reports explain.

“Her death was listed as ‘not related’ to the vaccine, and was instead attributed to ‘hypertensive cardiovascular disease.’”

Another female of roughly the same age, also out of Cincinnati, died of cardiac arrest on Oct. 21, 2020, after getting shot in the months prior. Her death was categorized as “not related” to the injections as it “occurred 2 months after last receipt of study agent.”

A mid-60s male who participated in a Texas-based Ventavia Research Group trial got jabbed in August 2020 and died in November 2020 from an apparent myocardial infarction. His death was blamed on a “failed cardiac stent” and pneumonia attributed to an undisclosed “infection.”

A fully injected teenage female who was diagnosed with right lower extremity deep vein thrombosis on Nov. 15, 2020, was hospitalized for her “serious” condition and later died, only to have Pfizer list the cause of death as a “fracture.”

A male in his mid-70s who was jabbed around the same time and quickly developed abdominal adhesions, altered mental status, and acute hypoxic respiratory failure later died from congestive heart failure. His death was blamed by Pfizer on a “prior surgery.”

Another male of roughly the same age out of Boston received both Pfizer injections and developed pneumonia and a peripheral edema. He later died after being hospitalized for pneumonia, only to have his death attributed by Pfizer to “existing neuropathy.”

“During his hospitalization with pneumonia, his blood pressure was measured as high as 179/72, with a heart rate reaching 105 beats per minute and an oxygen saturation level that fell to 92.0,” Nevradakis writes.

“In total, he had three emergency room visits during the observation period.”

On and on the list goes with patient after patient clearly dying from the jabs, but not being categorized as such in Pfizer’s trial results. This is what you call fraud, and it is what Pfizer engaged in to participate in and profit from Operation Warp Speed.

“Now are people understanding why this information was not supposed to be released for 70 years?” wrote a reader at The Defender. “They tried to bury this … After 70 years, everyone who had taken the ‘clot-shot’ would have been dead.”

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