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Canada may be withholding a gas turbine Germany sent for repairs until the energy-strapped European nation signs a contract for liquefied natural gas (LNG), says an analyst.

Steve Quayle of Strange Sounds elaborated on this claim in a July 5 post. According to him, Siemens Energy is servicing a gas turbine for a compressor at its facility in Montreal, located in the eastern province of Quebec. The turbine is part of the Nord Stream pipeline that supplies a huge portion of Europe – including Germany – with natural gas.

However, the turbine cannot be returned to Germany as of writing because of Canada’s sanctions on Russia. This has prompted Gazprom, Russia’s state-owned gas company, to reduce natural gas flows to the Nord Stream pipeline. According to the LNG firm, the punishment on Moscow is also a major factor in the supply cut alongside the withheld gas turbine.

Germany is now facing serious repercussions come winter as a result of Gazprom’s supply cut. The country has been unable to fill storage tanks per its original plan and is now facing the possibility of rationing.

German Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck, who concurrently serves as the minister of economic affairs and climate action, warned that Berlin could face a gas shortage if LNG supply remains low. He also warned that certain industries would be forced to close down if gas supplies remain low when winter arrives.

“Companies would have to stop production [and] lay off their workers. Supply chains would collapse. People would go into debt to pay their heating bills, (and) those people would become poorer,” said Habeck. (Related: Americans face brutally cold, bitterly expensive winter as natural gas prices continue to rise.)

Ukrainian Canadians calling on Ottawa to continue blocking the turbine also contributed to the crunch. Alexandra Chyczij, president of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC), wrote to Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly urging Canada to stand firm with its sanctions against Russia. Chyczij stated that Moscow has earned roughly $100 billion from energy exports since the Russia-Ukraine war began in February, with Europe paying for much of it.

“Should the government of Canada agree to waive the sanctions that are preventing delivery of this turbine, the German state will be in a position to provide even more funds to Russia to continue financing Russia’s genocide against Ukraine,” the UCC president wrote to Joly, adding that the UCC called upon Ottawa “to abide by the sanctions which have been imposed.”

Ottawa, Berlin in talks to resolve gas turbine turmoil

Meanwhile, the Canadian government reiterated that it is in talks with its German counterpart to resolve the conundrum surrounding the gas turbine.

“The government of Canada is in active discussions with Germany about the turbines in question, and we are working to reach a resolution,” said Keean Nembhard, a spokesman for Canadian Natural Resources Minister Jonathan Wilkinson.

“We will not stop imposing severe costs on the Putin regime while their unjustifiable invasion is ongoing, and we will continue to support our European friends and allies by working to help stabilize energy markets and to develop long-term and sustainable solutions on energy supplies.”

Quayle brought up the possibility of Canada dangling a contract for its domestic LNG as a condition for the turbine’s return. He cited a report by Chatham-Kent This Week, which involved side talks between Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz during the recent G7 summit.

According to the piece, the two leaders brought up the possibility of facilities being set up that will allow Canada to directly pipe LNG to Europe. These included a new LNG terminal on the eastern coast of Canada and liquefaction facilities in the provinces of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

“I am sure Ukraine’s suffering would end much faster around a table with poutine,” remarked Quayle, using a wordplay involving the Russian leader and the Canadian dish. “But no, Zelensky and his friends play all-in with the U.S. and Canada to destroy Europe.”

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