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Documents recently published regarding Pfizer’s Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine showed it had a death rate of at least 3.7 percent and an even higher rate of serious injury during its early trial.

This is according to Dr. Naomi Wolf, who discussed the data during an appearance on Steve Bannon’s program, “War Room: Pandemic.”

Since March, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been forced to release at least 55,000 pages worth of documents the agency has regarding Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine every month.

Wolf and her team have been going through the tens of thousands of pages worth of documents. On April 23, she went on Bannon’s program to discuss some of her findings, including the fact that initial Pfizer data showed a death rate of 3.7 percent and a significantly higher rate of serious injury. (Related: Pfizer recorded so many adverse events that it had to hire 2,400 more employees to handle paperwork and data processing.)

“Of the total number of patients – over 42,000 – that Pfizer looked at, 3.7 percent died,” said Wolf. “So, analysts point out that if we knew the number of doses that they had shipped, we would understand [what level of lethality] this figure represents.”

The latest data show that around 219 million people in the United States have been fully vaccinated. While exact numbers are hard to come by because Pfizer itself redacts information, one estimate suggests that Pfizer vaccines make up around 59 percent of all COVID-19 vaccine doses administered in the country.

What this indicates is that potentially over 100 million Americans received Pfizer’s experimental and deadly COVID-19 vaccine. Of those, there is no telling how many have died as a result of the complications caused by the vaccine.

But if the Pfizer vaccine’s death rate of 3.7 percent is accurate, that suggests that millions of people – perhaps as many as five million – could have already died or are about to die because of the Pfizer vaccine.

It is also possible that Pfizer’s initial death rate of 3.7 percent only accounts for the deaths that the Big Pharma company itself investigated in one of its studies. Meaning, the actual death rate for Pfizer’s vaccine could be much higher.

Pfizer refused to follow up on many patients who experienced adverse events

During her appearance on “War Room: Pandemic,” Wolf explained that Pfizer also failed to disclose tens of thousands of initial reports of severe adverse events, including deaths, and even went so far as to redact key information from the FDA.

“Almost half of the cases are missing,” said Wolf.

According to one Pfizer report, out of 42,086 “relevant cases,” it failed to follow up on 20,761 of these cases.

“They’re not followed up. And yet, they were identified as ‘not recovered at the time of the report,’” said Wolf. “So we don’t know what happened to them.”

Wolf further explained that a great deal of data from the Pfizer documents is missing, and nearly half of follow-up reports regarding cases the Big Pharma company itself flagged as relevant are incomplete.

“These are reports of people who are sick, they’re not recovered, something’s wrong, they’re suffering,” said Wolf. “But oops, Pfizer – you know, ‘dog ate my homework’ – it’s gone, right? These reports are gone.”

“There are other anomalies that should lead the studies to be thrown out and not used as a basis for injecting you or your child with this experimental vaccine,” continued Wolf. She noted that around 71 percent of the trial participants in one study were women, only 22 percent were male and seven percent did not even have a reported gender.

“If you’re really doing a randomized control study, you’re not going to get … three-quarters of the study subjects being female, because 52 percent of the human beings in the world are female,” she said. “They’re cherry-picking who the subjects are. Why would they leave out men?”

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