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Neurological degradation diseases are the result of toxic poisons, waste products and exposure to natural elements like mercury and aluminum, according to Robert Scott Bell.

People can get some of these from nature, like mercury and aluminum, “but not in the abundance that we’ve been exposed to them via injections, amalgams or other airborne exposures due to industrial revolution,” Bell said during the July 25 episode of “The Robert Scott Bell Show” on Brighteon.TV.

The homeopathic practitioner, author and expert in silver and copper therapeutics noted that there are inexpensive and easy ways to treat neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, such as by using nature’s binding agents. He noted that there are metals that respond to mercury, selenium and aluminum in the body.

The keynote speaker, lecturer and educator said getting zeolites that have been cleaned, nanosized in a colloidal suspension and given in water can help prevent neurological degradation.

He added that one such product he is using is the Pure Body Extra from Touchstone Essentials, which is an advanced daily cellular detox colloidal zeolite.

Zeolites can remove heavy metals and other bad stuff in the body

Bell said using zeolites is just one of the ways to remove heavy metals like aluminum and mercury and other bad stuff in the body.

The Brighteon.TV host also talked about a Daily Kos article titled “Two decades of Alzheimer’s research may be based on deliberate fraud that has cost millions of lives.”

Bell said the article referenced the Genentech clinical trials on a drug called crenezumab that targeted amyloid proteins which form sticky plaques in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients. Despite the fact that crenezumab looks promising in in vitro studies and when using animal models, the drug failed miserably in human trials. (Related: Alzheimer’s drug trial test used for 20 years appears worthless.)

According to Bell, the failure rates of these Alzheimer’s drugs have been legendary. He said these drugs showed that they can reduce amyloid plaques, but they could not reverse the symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

The host pointed out that the basic foundation of belief that Alzheimer’s is due to amyloid plaque is a deliberate fraud. Amyloid plaques are aggregates of misfolded proteins that form in the spaces between nerve cells. These abnormally configured proteins are thought to play a central role in Alzheimer’s disease.

But Bell said the original studies on amyloid plaques were doctored and altered.

The homeopathic practitioner also gave his reaction to the comments about the Daily Kos article.

He lauded the comment of a certain Dr. Lori as “something rational and reasonable.” Dr. Lori wrote: “The world is full of credible story about clinical trials skewing results toward the desired result.” But he blasted the left-wing people who commented on the article, saying that they are thoughtless and diluted when it comes to defending their faith in science and religion.

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