By Selwyn Duke
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Are some doctors abusing children for money? The answer may be yes if the case of Dr. Stephen Rosenthal, co-founder and director of a clinic that facilitates children’s “sex change” attempts, is any indication. The issue:

The physician received payments from two pharmaceutical companies that are being investigated for advertising puberty blockers — drugs that ravage children’s bodies and can cause irreparable damage.

Breitbart reports on the story:

Rosenthal is the cofounder and medical director of the University of California San Francisco [UCSF] Benioff Children’s Hospital’s Child and Adolescent Gender Center.

He received $38,704 from pharmaceutical companies between the years of 2015 and 2021, more than 98% of United States endocrinologists did, according to a report from Care Dash, a site that uses public records to track the money that doctors have received as compensation from pharmaceutical companies.

Of that sum, $16,765 came from Endo Pharmaceuticals and AbbVie; payments were linked directly to their products Supprelin LA and Lupron, which are both used off-label as puberty blockers for children who are attempting to change their sex. Public records reveal that Rosenthal has accepted consulting fees from both AbbVie and Endo Pharmaceuticals.

In 2018, Rosenthal received the third highest amount of any doctor in America in compensation related to Supprelin LA, ProPublica reported.

Rosenthal is also affiliated with the Endocrine Society and was previously the President of the Pediatric Endocrine Society, which Breitbart News reported received over $125,000 from AbbVie between 2017 and 2021. The Pediatric Endocrine Society has promoted both Supprelin LA and Lupron.

The doctor is also a strong proponent of what’s euphemistically called “gender-affirming care.” This is a type of child abuse in which youth are told they can do the impossible — become the opposite sex — and then are given drugs and perhaps mutilative surgery to effect the illusion of such a transition.

Breitbart also tells us that both Endo Pharmaceuticals and AbbVie are being investigated by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton for advertising puberty blockers for unapproved use while neglecting to disclose the risks they pose to children.

Unmentioned double standard: While this “off-label” puberty blocker use is applauded by the establishment, off-label prescription of ivermectin to treat Covid is deemed irresponsible quackery and could damage a physician’s career. There’s a difference, though: Ivermectin is a tried-and-true medication that absolutely appears effective at ameliorating coronavirus symptoms when part of a proper treatment protocol.

Lupron is a damaging drug that’s used to chemically castrate sex offenders.

Another difference: Ivermectin can be had for as little as a few dollars per dose.

Lupron can cost $2,000 for a one-month supply.

Given this, is it at all possible that monetary incentives partially explain the rampant MUSS (Made-up Sexual Status, aka “transgender”) child abuse?

And abuse it is. The New American reported just today on how the U.S. Food and Drug Administration itself is now warning that puberty blockers may cause brain inflammation and blindness. Also associated with MUSS treatments, such as cross-sex hormones, is sterility; and, of course, “top” and “bottom” surgeries (use your imagination) mutilate children irreparably.

Making this all the more tragic is that upwards of 80 percent of girls and 90 percent of boys who experience sex-identity confusion will return to normalcy as adolescence proceeds — if left alone. When they’re not, not surprisingly, the regret and pain (sometimes resulting in suicide) can be profound. Just consider the stories related via the videos below.

Countless more stories exist, many of which can be found at

Yet while this phenomenon is seen in all age groups, it’s especially damnable when MUSS abuse is visited upon children. It’s irrational, too. As the top commenter put it under the second-to-last video, “My biggest question is[:] here in the US they say a 16 year old can’t understand the concept of murder so they can’t be tried as an adult. However, a 4 year old can understand gender identity and the long term effects of transitioning.”

Another responded, “If a 16-year old can change genders[,] then no man can be charged with statutory rape either.” His point is that it’s silly to say a minor isn’t mature enough to decide to have sex — but is mature enough to decide to “change” his sex.

None of this deters Dr. Rosenthal and his clinic fellows, however. As their website informs:

UCSF’s Child and Adolescent Gender Center [CAGC] offers comprehensive medical and psychological care, as well as advocacy and legal support, to transgender, nonbinary and gender-expansive kids. We bring together experts from within as well as outside UCSF to promote gender health and support positive outcomes for children and adolescents exploring gender identity and expression. The CAGC accepts new patients ages 3 through 17.

What people won’t do for money. Related to this, a ProPublica report found that, on “average, across all drugs, providers who received payments specifically tied to a drug prescribed it 58% more than providers who did not receive payments,” Breitbart also tells us.

So, “First, do no harm”? If a doctor sees a pained, sexually confused child before him and sees only dollar signs, he needs to transition himself — into a human being.