By JD Heyes
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A record number of illegal aliens have crossed into the U.S. since Joe Biden’s handlers instructed him on his first day in office to reverse President Donald Trump’s effective immigration and border security policies.

At the same time, those reversals have led to record numbers of Americans dying from deadly laced fentanyl being produced by Mexican cartels using ingredients supplied to them by China.

But Biden’s Toadie at the Department of ‘Homeland Security,’ Alejandro Mayorkas, doesn’t care because he has been instructed by the deep state Marxists running the regime to implement those open-border policies and do everything he possibly can to shred our national boundary, regardless of what it costs American citizens in treasure and blood.

And now, this outrage is about to get worse, if readers can even imagine that, according to Zero Hedge:

With border cities overwhelmed by a record surge in migration, the Department of Homeland Security is planning to start transporting migrants into cities away from the border, according to DHS documents reviewed by NBC News.  

Los Angeles has been designated as the first city to be the recipient of the transported migrants, with Albuquerque, Houston, Dallas and others to follow. In a statement to NBC, DHS said “no decision has been made.” 

When they don’t have media microphones sticking in their faces, the scumbags at DHS joke that the scheme has been called the “Abbott Plan,” according to one unidentified official who spoke to NBC News. That is a reference to Texas GOP Gov. Greg Abbott, who earlier this year sent busloads of illegal aliens to Washington, D.C., as a means of forcing federal officials in the nation’s capital to deal with them.

At the time, Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Chris Magnus claimed that was making his agency’s job harder, but that’s because they were being tasked by their D.C. masters to go intercept the busses so the political elite wouldn’t have to see illegal aliens clogging up the steps to the Capitol Building or setting up homeless shelters in view of the White House.

“Texas taxpayers paid for those buses, but the federal embrace of the Abbott plan will put all taxpayers on the hook for who knows how much. The new scheme will be managed by the Southwest Border Coordination Center, a joint undertaking of CBP, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Immigration and Customs Enforcement and other agencies,” Zero Hedge noted further.

Some Republican governors, though, are pushing back.

Over the weekend, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis mildly cited Abbott for not doing more to interdict illegals coming into his state and send them back across the border immediately.

“They let them come across and then you give them to the feds, and the feds just release them anyways,” DeSantis said. “What they need to do, Texas, is Texas should just send them back across the border.”

“Who cares what the feds are saying? They’re not doing their job,” DeSantis said. “Or not let them come across the border to begin with, because they go right across the river. They just walk right across. No one’s stopping. Some pushback, I think, would be good. And I would send people to help with that.”

For months, DeSantis has been threatening to reroute illegal migrants transported to his state by the Biden administration to the president’s home state of Delaware and other so-called “sanctuary” states.

But last week, the GOP-controlled Florida legislature gave him some help.

On Friday, the GOP governor said he was prepared to sign a law that authorizes rerouting those migrants to President Biden’s home state of Delaware and other so-called “sanctuary” states.

“You know, we are fighting Biden at the border to, they say, oh you’re not a border state, what do you care,” DeSantis said, pointing directly to the fentanyl crisis, while stating it is affecting the entire country.

“We have a responsibility to be fighting back,” he continued, referencing the administration’s case on catch and release, predicting that “we’re gonna win that.”

“I’m gonna sign a bill very soon. It will be effective July 1. The contractors are gonna get penalized if they dump illegal aliens in Florida from the border,” DeSantis said, adding that the state will have millions to reroute caravans to “places like Delaware and other sanctuary states.”

“You see there’s a massive, massive caravan that’s coming towards the southern border right now. And what is Biden doing? He’s fumbling around on late-night TV shows, and he needs to get in the game here and he needs to defend our country’s sovereignty because that’s gonna absolutely [get] overwhelmed, not just Texas, but it’s gonna overwhelm a lot of other communities throughout the United States of America,” DeSantis continued, saying that the U.S. southwest border was much more secure under former President Donald Trump.

“Now this is the worst it’s ever been and the result is you have fentanyl pouring into this country, you’ve got sex trafficking, you’ve got all kinds of really, really bad stuff,” he added, noting that it is the number one cause of death for people 18-45.

Biden’s handlers want chaos so Americans beg them to ‘make it stop’ and they can implement totalitarian measures that steal our liberties and make us serfs. We can’t let them do that.

States should seriously think about opting out.

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