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In retaliation against the Supreme Court’s recent decision to stop the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from forcibly shutting down America’s fossil fuel industry – at least to the degree and pace at which this is currently happening – the Biden regime is now threatening to close the country’s largest oil field.

According to reports, the EPA is readying itself to cite the Texas-based oil field, known as the Permian Basin, for supposedly violating “ozone pollution standards.” That citation could be the move that drives a final nail in the coffin of America’s last remaining traces of energy independence, which is exactly what the Biden regime wants to do.

“According to the Texas Governor’s Office, the proposed regulations will directly affect the Permian Basin, the largest oil field in the United States, accounting for 95,000,000 gallons of gasoline per day or 40% of the oil produced domestically,” one report explains about the situation.

“This would be just one more move from Biden’s administration to impact the lives of every American by reducing the fuel supply and causing gas prices to soar well beyond Biden’s record of $5 per gallon.”

Former EPA Chief of Staff Mandy Gunasekara told reporters this week that even though Americans are paying the highest gas prices ever in our nation’s history, to the demise of many of them and their families, “team Biden continues to double down on their political commitments to ‘end all fossil fuels.’”

Biden promised a cold, dark winter – and it is coming soon

Much of America seems to be asleep at the wheel in terms of recognizing that our lives and livelihoods are now being used as political fodder by the “green”-loving left to get back at the Supreme Court for taking aim at the climate change agenda.

If the Permian Basin gets shut down by Biden and his cronies, you can be sure that energy prices now will look like a bargain later on, especially come wintertime when everyone starts running their heaters.

“It’s going to be a cold, deadly winter in the United States,” wrote a commenter at

If you think inflation is bad now, added another, just wait because you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

“They want this for us and I am not exaggerating: subsistence living!” this person added. “Biden also campaigned on raising taxes! Who is stopping him?”

The answer, of course, is nobody. Nobody is stopping the Biden regime because America has become too divided (and emotional) and too distracted to get much of anything done except a continued descent into absolute totalitarianism.

Someone else interjected that he likes Russian President Vladimir Putin far more than he could ever like Biden, even though the latter is supposedly our president.

“Both parties are garbage,” this person further stated. “Biden is a total lunatic. I’d like to ask him face to face how it feels to be the worst president this country has ever had.”

Others pointed out that Democrats buy gasoline just like Republicans do, and that it is shocking to see the left mostly ignore the destruction of all of us at the hands of the Biden regime.

“Did people not believe Biden when he promised to end oil?” asked someone else rhetorically. “Did you really think he wouldn’t try to take your AR-15? Welcome to the end, America.”

“How much longer is this going to go on?” asked another about Biden’s wicked reign over the country. “This demented, cadaverous, feeble-minded old man is a threat to our country.”

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