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Canada is known for having some of the most draconian Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine mandates in the world, with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau blaming what he termed “anti-vaxxer mobs” for spreading the illness in the country and violators of vaccine mandates facing steep fines.

Now, the decision to force the jab on so many Canadians is coming back to haunt him as statistics show that vaccinated Canadians made up around 9 out of every 10 Covid deaths in Canada in the past month, with 80 percent of these deaths occurring in people who were triple vaccinated.

The data can be difficult to parse as the Canadian government only reports epidemiology data sporadically and unpredictably using time frames that many observers suspect are chosen to obscure this shocking trend. However, analysis by Expose-News found that both hospitalizations and deaths in the country were largely made up of those who had been jabbed, particularly those who had also rolled up their sleeve for the boosters being pushed on the population.

In a five-week period from May 1 to June 5, Canada saw 7,625 Covid-19 hospitalizations. 6,560 of these individuals were vaccinated, with 4,590 of them being triple-vaccinated. According to the publication’s calculations, the vaccinated population made up 86 percent of hospitalizations, 70 percent of which were among those who were triple vaccinated. The unvaccinated population, meanwhile, made up just 14 percent of hospitalizations.

The effect is very similar when it comes to Covid-19 deaths. Across the same period, 1,707 Covid-19 deaths were registered across Canada, with the vaccinated accounting for 1,472 of those fatalities. The breakdown was 41 deaths in those who were partly vaccinated, 318 deaths in double-vaccinated Canadians, and 1,113 deaths among the triple jabbed.

Percentage-wise, this means that vaccinated individuals made up 86 percent of the Covid-19 deaths in Canada during the time period studied, 76 percent of whom were triple-jabbed. The unvaccinated population, meanwhile, made up just 14 percent of the country’s Covid-related deaths.

Canada continues to push boosters on the public despite concerning death rate among the vaccinated

The Canadian government’s mass booster campaign rages on and the data coverup continues despite the analysis showing that 9 out of every 10 cases, hospitalizations and deaths from COVID-19 in Canada were among the vaccinated population from May 1 to June 5.

As of June 1, around 40 percent of adults in Canada who had received two doses of COVID-19 vaccines had not returned to get a booster, and federal health officials there have been appealing to the public to get up to date on their shots and prepare for a coming resurgence as they warn of more contagious and evasive variants circulating in the country.

Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos even went so far as to say in a briefing that people who have received the first booster should find out if they are eligible to get a second or third one. He noted that the immunity that Canadians may have received from two doses last year has waned by now, and those who have been infected still face a high likelihood of reinfection.

Trudeau, who claims to be triple-vaccinated, has tested positive for the disease twice. On the most recent occasion, in early June, he tweeted that he was feeling okay because he had received his shots. Of course, that is impossible to prove, and there are countless people in the world who have experienced very mild cases of COVID despite never getting the vaccine. If it is true that he is triple-vaccinated, however, he should consider himself lucky to not have been hospitalized or died like so many of his citizens.

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