In this episode of Beyond the Cover, host Gary Benoit interviews senior editor Rebecca Terrell about how members of The John Birch Society, who are not themselves necessarily farmers, are helping farmers in the Midwest fight the carbon-capture pipeline project that is threatening their livelihoods. Terrell also points out how the JBS is helping to spread the word, to farmers and others, that the war against CO2 is actually just part of a broader globalist/UN-orchestrated power grab now known as Agenda 2030 and formerly known as Agenda 21. If the power grab is completed, the world will be shackled under the guise of saving it. If this sounds unbelievable, it is only because you have not looked at the evidence. Terrell is the author of the article “Defending Farmers Against the Agenda 2030 Land Steal ” in the December 12, 2022 issue of The New American magazine, which is an affiliate of The John Birch Society.