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The location information of Google users who visit abortion clinics or other abortion-related facilities will now be purged from existence after the search engine giant announced special new protections for baby murderers in response to the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade.

Because of the potential legal problems involved with getting an abortion in many areas of the country where it is now illegal, Google decided to update its privacy policy to automatically delete any incriminating information that might expose users who attempt to get an illegal abortion.

Google still plans to spy on conservatives, of course, as the new policy primarily applies to “pro-choice” users, as well as people who visit fertility centers and weight loss clinics.

“We’re committed to delivering robust privacy protections for people who use our products, and we will continue to look for new ways to strengthen and improve these protections,” announced Jen Fitzpatrick, a Google senior vice president, in a blog post.

Google will only protect your privacy if you want to get an illegal abortion

As you may recall, Google has faced intense public scrutiny over the past several years concerning its flagrant violations of user privacy. Many have criticized the tech giant for operating fast and loose with user activity, only to have the company balk at these concerns.

However, now that abortion is illegal or highly restricted in about half the country, Google is suddenly concerned about user privacy – but only those users who still want to murder their unborn babies against the law and not be tracked.

“The calls for more stringent privacy controls were triggered by the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent decision overturning the 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling that legalized abortion,” reported the Associated Press (AP).

“That reversal could lead to increased protections for infants in more than a dozen states, raising the specter that records about people’s location, texts, searches and emails could be used in prosecutions against abortion procedures.”

Every year, Google receives thousands of requests from the government for its users’ digital records. The government claims that it is investigating “misconduct,” and Google happily hands over that information even though doing so may constitute illicit spying.

The Roe v. Wade decision prompted Google to finally do something about these privacy breaches, but only to protect pro-abortionists who use Google’s services – everyone else will still be spied on indiscriminately.

“Google uses your data for its own purposes and sells you and your data to make money,” wrote a commenter at Headline USA.

“Google is the spy in your office, your home or when you are on the road. Purge Google and use Brave or any other search engine that protects you.”

Another pointed out that Fitzpatrick’s statement is disingenuous because the FBI, CIA, or NSA can still siphon data in order to frame their targets.

“This nation deserves anything and everything it gets from anyone,” this person added.

Someone else commented that Google’s new selective information purging protocols constitute censorship racketeering, and that this is ripe for a lawsuit.

“The real question here is why is Google collecting this information in the first place?” wrote another.

“They have no legitimate need for it, no business purpose behind its collection and probable retention, just the ability to change their stance, or worse yet, to say one thing and do the other in selling or otherwise distributing this information.”

Others pointed out that abortion seekers probably would not be prosecuted anyway, and that only the illegal providers would be at risk.

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