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Right on time, the globalist plan for a “Great Reset” is now unfolding in real time. And just to be clear, all of it was laid out and planned years ago – meaning all of it is by design.

Many people missed it, but the Rockefeller Foundation told us several years back that there was a coming food crisis that would “Reset the Table.”

The phrase “Reset the Table,” by the way, sounds eerily similar to the Great Reset. It turns out that the former is one component of the latter, as the plan is to reset everything, including the global economy.

When the Rockefeller Foundation first announced the “Reset the Table” initiative, it was unknown by the masses what the catalyst(s) would be. Now we can clearly see that it was the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) plandemic, which had just begun at the time, followed by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine earlier this year.

The “Reset the Table” document explains how the plandemic caused “a hunger and nutrition crisis” in the United States that was “unlike any this country has seen in generations.”

Keep in mind that when this was stated, the plandemic had only been around for a brief time. There were not yet any shipping backlogs or supply chain issues, suggesting that the Rockefeller Foundation jumped the gun and revealed too early what it knew was going to happen in the months and years to follow.

“The report also notes that it grew out of ‘video-conference discussions in May and June 2020,’ so we’re to believe that two months into the pandemic, these prophetic minds already had the future all figured out,” further explains Great Game India about the suspicious nature of the report.

“According to the Foundation, the pandemic revealed deep problems in the U.S. food system that need to be ‘reset.’”

Rockefeller Foundation admits it engineered the problems now plaguing our food system

“Reset the Table” was also published just one month after the World Economic Forum (WEF), led by globalist Klaus Schwab, unveiled its plans for a “Great Reset,” showing that the two things go together.

Dr. Rajiv Shah, the Rockefeller Foundation’s president, wrote in the foreword to “Reset the Table” that the purpose of the publication is to unveil “a comprehensive playbook” for recreating the world’s food system. This includes things “such as living wages, housing and transportation” for “all of us.”

Interestingly, the document also claims that 94 percent of deaths from “covid” occurred in people with underlying health conditions, “the majority of which are diet-related,” which is essentially what the plandemic skeptics were saying from the very beginning.

“This is surprising, considering diet and nutrition were essentially absent from public discussions and reporting about the infection,” notes Great Game India about the narrative manipulation that took place.

The reason why the Rockefeller Foundation knew in advance that all of this would unfold is because it contributed to engineering the crisis in the first place. On page four of the document, as one example, the Rockefeller Foundation admits that it engineered the so-called “Green Revolution” that turned large swaths of Africa into GMO (genetically modified organisms) plantations.

The Rockefeller Foundation also admits that “food is medicine,” which is something that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other federal agencies claim is fake news. Only pharmaceutical drugs, we are told, constitute medicine in the United States.

“Time and again, the WEF and its global collaborators (including the Rockefeller Foundation) have ‘predicted’ the future with stunning accuracy, sometimes years in advance, and then when the predictions come true they pretend as though they had nothing to do with it,” reports state.

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