By Christopher Tremoglie
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Apparently, “trust the science” is nothing more than a political catchphrase and not sound, logical advice people are supposed to follow. Because if it were, Lia Thomas, and all those who support him, would acknowledge the biological advantage Thomas has when competing against women. After all, several doctors did just that in a recent article in the New York Times. All of which shows that this LGBT-mania and activism bemoaning transgender rights has always been about priority, not equality. They didn’t care if college female athletes were victimized by unfair and unequal competition.

Thomas showed no regret during an interview with Good Morning America. He also did not show any intention of listening to the science. Instead, he announced intentions to continue swimming with a biological advantage over female competitors. Thomas also announced he is eyeing the Olympics.

“I don’t need anybody’s permission to be myself and to do the sport that I love,” Thomas said. “I intend to keep swimming.”

But, if we lived in a normal country, Thomas would need permission — and would be denied. But because people have been brainwashed into thinking that a male who wants to be female has a right to swim with women, the decision-makers are either too compliant or too scared to go against Thomas. Either way, it shows they do not care about equality. Furthermore, neither does Thomas.

Anyone with common sense knew that a 22-year-old transgender woman, who competed on the men’s team for three years, held a distinct advantage over his female competitors. Over the past year, numerous athletes and doctors also said this, but the sycophantic transgender rights supporters deliberately ignored it. To these people, this biological advantage never mattered. The only thing that mattered was having a man swim with a woman because he felt he was a girl.

Michael J. Joyner, a doctor at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, was quoted in the New York Times article. He elaborated on the biological dominance men possess over women.

“You see the divergence immediately as the testosterone surges into the boys. There are dramatic differences in performances,” Joyner said. “There are social aspects to sport, but physiology and biology underpin it. Testosterone is the 800-pound gorilla.”

Furthermore, as if there was any more evidence needed that Thomas competing with evidence is not equal, to the New York Times’s credit, it broke down Thomas’s performances as a male and when he competed with females. Notice the significant shift in Thomas’s rankings when competing against women instead of men.

William Thomas (Lia’s original name) was ranked 32nd in the 1,650 freestyle when competing with men. However, when Thomas competed against women, he won numerous races and finished ranked eighth. This also included a performance that put Thomas into the news cycle in which he won by a margin of 38 seconds.

Additionally, Thomas was ranked 554th in the 200 freestyle while on the men’s team. Thomas tied for fifth place at the women’s 2022 NCAA Swimming and Diving Championship.

Also, Thomas was ranked 65th in the men’s 500 freestyle. However, Thomas was the event’s champion during the 2022 championship.

Another doctor, Ross Tucker, also highlighted this distinct advantage. Tucker has frequently tweeted about Thomas’s advantage and broke down many of his performances this past year.

“Lia Thomas is the manifestation of the scientific evidence,” Tucker said in the New York Times article. “The reduction in testosterone did not remove [Thomas’s] biological advantage.”

“Activists conflate sex and gender in a way that is really confusing,” noted Dr. Carole Hooven, author of T: The Story of Testosterone and a Harvard University professor, told the New York Times. “There is a large performance gap between healthy normal populations of males and females, and that is driven by testosterone.”

And that has been the crux of the problem all along. There was never any bigotry against Thomas. Everyone knows this, but it was the transgender activists who tried to manipulate things and call anyone who protested Thomas’s involvement as (the made-up word) transphobic. Because, in the end, it was always about transgender priority and imposing this toxic, radical, illegitimate competition as normal.

Ultimately, there was nothing ever normal about Thomas. If he wants to identify as a girl, so be it. He can wear dresses and cosmetics and be as feminine as he wants. However, he did not have the right to compete against women while having this distinct biological advantage. And anyone arguing otherwise is an agenda-driven bully. It was never about equality and always about transgender priority.