By S.D. Wells
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There is no bigger money maker than a plandemic like COVID-19. Millions or even billions of dollars were pocketed by politicians, organizations and agencies involved in the sinister release of the gain-of-function virus, plus all who perpetuated the propaganda that influenced mandatory lockdowns, mask-wearing, coerced vaccination and horrific hospital “treatments” that sent the majority of immune-compromised victims six feet under. That medical tyranny and psychological terrorism is still being perpetuated, but not enough for the greedy freaks to have complete control over the populace, so now they’re pushing out an even bigger scamdemic – monkeypox.

CDC posts scare-tactic travel advisory notice claiming monkeypox is contagious through human touch, bushmeat, linen, respiratory droplets

According to the Centers for Disease Continuation (CDC), monkeypox is already threatening to be the next pandemic across the world, with an 11 percent kill rate. The CDC fake science and misinformation campaign includes boldfaced lies that the small pox vaccine is already proven to prevent 85 percent of monkeypox cases from becoming severe.

The CDC already LIED and claimed COVID “vaccines” prevented COVID when they most certainly did not. Then they recanted that and said they prevent transmission. Then they recanted that too, and claimed they prevent a severe case of COVID. Then science proved that was a lie, and the lethal “clot shot” jabs’ efficacy, the little that they do supposedly provide, wanes within a couple months.

Now that the scamdemic has faded, lost power and most people have figured out the jabs are useless, the CDC needs a new plan of medical terrorism and psychological horror to reinstate complete control over the populace.

Monkeypox is a virus spread by gay dudes to other gay dudes at orgies who have had intimate contact with infected monkeys in Europe and Africa. The infected homosexuals get lesions on their skin and infect each other while having sex. The CDC wants all Americans on high alert, unless you’re gay and attending a gay pride parade, then there’s nothing at all to worry about.

The CDC is warning that you can easily catch and spread monkeypox by touching and eating the ever-popular “bushmeat,” which are meat products from exotic animals like monkeys, snakes, rodents and yes, bats. The CDC is warning everyone to NOT bring dead or barely living infected wild animals on the planes, trains and buses with you. Also, if you see people (lepers) with lesions all over their face, please report them to the authorities to prevent the monkeypox pandemic from killing every single American soon.

Expect lockdowns, social distancing, forced-vaccination, mask mandates to RETURN due to propaganda-led Monkeypox pandemic

Part of the communist aggression and US changeover being installed by the insane Democrats involves depersonalization of all humans, the bankrupting of all private businesses, the confiscation of all guns, the illegalization of free speech and press, and labeling all truth news as misinformation.

This means the Biden Regime, partnered with the highly corrupt CDC, FDA and WHO (World Hatred Organization), want all Americans wearing masks 24/7/365, regurgitating all scripted lies by the CDC, closing their businesses, forfeiting their guns, devaluing life in general, and checking into hospitals for immediate death-sentence-treatments, including Remdesivir and choke-you-to-death-in-less-than-4-days ventilators.

Monkeypox, however, according to the CDC, cannot be transmitted at any gender-fluid events or at gay rights parades, because the disease does not discriminate against the trans-community like white supremacists do. That’s why the Biden Regime just petitioned to reinstate the mask mandate on all means of public travel, because it’s the best form of communist, non-discriminatory advertising for the fake pandemic also known as Bill Gates’ monkeypox. It’s all about pushing toxic gene therapy injections and deadly smallpox jabs now.

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