By James Murphy
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The Silicon Valley thought police are at it again. On July 6, geologist Gregory Wrightstone, the current executive director of the CO2 Coalition, announced that he had been banned from LinkedIn, the online employment and professional social networking platform. Wrightstone’s “crime” was, apparently, that he posted graphs that show that the life-giving molecule known as carbon dioxide was much more plentiful in Earth’s atmosphere in the past.

Climate hysterics believe that carbon dioxide — a molecule essential for life on Earth — is a major culprit in global warming.

Wrightstone announced his banishment from LinkedIn on Twitter on July 6: “It is official. I have been permanently banned from LinkedIn. The last straw apparently was one of the two charts I posted yesterday,” Wrightstone wrote.

According to LinkedIn, Wrightstone was guilty of violating LinkedIn’s user agreement and professional community policies.

It’s not the first time Wrightstone has, allegedly, run afoul of LinkedIn’s policies. He was also removed in the autumn of 2021, but was eventually allowed back on the platform.

At the time, Wrightstone tweeted: “I have been permanently banned from LinkedIn after posting climate facts that run counter to the … consensus. In my appeal, I promised to ‘only post factually correct information.’”

LinkedIn’s response to Wrightstone’s promise to only post factual data? “This type of content is not allowed.”

Wrightstone explained what he thought was happening regarding his censorship during his 2021 banishment from LinkedIn.

“I think I was too successful promoting the science, the facts, and the data that dispute this notion of man-made catastrophic warming. I posted very interesting and very scientific, but interesting, charts and facts on temperature data through time, [carbon dioxide’s] relationship with temperature to show that—and I’m a geologist—throughout geologic time, that CO2 really hasn’t been the control knob of the Earth’s climate,” Wrightstone told The Daily Signal.

In addition to being cast out of LinkedIn, Wrightstone was also censored by Facebook, which refused to allow an ad that linked to a CO2 Coalition statement about his LinkedIn ban.

According to Facebook, the ad didn’t comply with their policy regarding ads about social issues, elections, or politics.

In addition to his duties with the CO2 Coalition, Wrightstone is also the author of Inconvenient Facts: The Science That Al Gore Doesn’t Want You to Know. The book is an eminently readable treatise on the subject of climate change from a scientist’s perspective, and is easy for a layman to understand.

Wrightstone has also been accepted as an expert reviewer for the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

In 2019, Wrightstone spoke with The New American about his book and climate science in general.

“As a geologist I knew that some of what we were being told about climate change was wrong,” he said. “Really the book was a result of my own personal search for the truth.”

Wrightstone believes that climate alarmists are “demonizing carbon dioxide — that’s the demon molecule, which we consider the miracle molecule.… When our plant life — the plants that we rely on for sustenance … first arrived on the scene on Earth, CO2 levels were 2500 parts per million. Remember that we’re a little over 400 parts per million today.”

“So, we’re actually CO2 impoverished. We don’t have too much CO2, we don’t have enough,” Wrightstone concluded — a heretical thing to say in the presence of climate hysterics.

While LinkedIn may have accused the mild-mannered Wrightstone of running afoul of their user agreement, the real reason the Silicon Valley thought police removed him from their platform is far simpler and more sinister. LinkedIn and the other Big Tech platforms are fully invested in the globalist climate-change swindle. They cannot allow actual scientists to post material that shows “climate change” for the globalist scam it truly is.