Turns out you actually do need an AR-15 to protect open grooming.

By Tommy Oliver
Article Source

Anderson Distillery and Grill located in the small town of Roanoke, Texas went through with their plan to host an all-ages drag queen event on Sunday.

The event took place as planned and images and video quickly circulated across social media showing children looking at male-groomers dressed as clowns, along with armed Antifa guarding the whole event.

Roanoke is a small town on the edge of the DFW Metroplex known for quality restaurants and trying to be normal.

Many people say these types of events attract pedophiles.

Protect TX Kids has a video of a leftist woman whipping out her breasts in public, right in front of her children.

Patriot and Christian field reporters were on the scene to document the event. Several of them actually went undercover.

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