U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has, in the last week seized more than 1.2 million fentanyl pills and different drugs hidden inside a truck, crutches, and a woman’s body cavity making their way into the United States.

By Mark Gruber
Article Source

Since Aug. 20, the number of fentanyl pills intercepted by CBP agents as individuals tried to smuggle them into the United States ranges from the tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands or more—at only one service port in Arizona.

CBP Nogales Area Port Director Michael W. Humphries has declared a number of interceptions since Saturday, in which more than 1.2 million fentanyl pills were discovered by agents.

On Thursday, Humphries announced that CBP agents at Nogales had on Wednesday intercepted around 16,000 fentanyl pills and different illicit drugs hidden in a truck heading for the United States.

“CBP officers [at] the Nogales, AZ POE discovered approximately 16,000 fentanyl pills and 11 pounds of methamphetamines hidden in a vehicle compartment,” Humphries announced on Twitter. “A CBP K9 team and CBP officers joined forces to prevent these drugs from being distributed throughout the country.”

The day before, Humphries stated that agents discovered around 14,000 fentanyl pills hidden inside crutches that were “being used by a pedestrian” on Tuesday.

“During inspection, a CBP Officer found the crutches to be excessively heavy,” Humphries declared. He continued that a “K9 and X-Ray examination confirmed the agents’ suspicions.”

In the meantime, on Monday, CBP agents seized around 2,000 fentanyl pills that had been stuffed into two condoms after a K9 inspection.

One of the condoms was hidden inside a woman’s “vaginal cavity” and the other in the “groin area,” Humphries declared.

“Body carriers including internal body carriers are regularly encountered at the port of entry,” he went on.

By far the largest number of illicit pills and other drugs caught was on Saturday, when Nogales CBP agents inspected an 18-wheeler tractor trailer.

Hidden inside the trailer floor, authorities discovered roughly 1.27 million fentanyl pills and 104 pounds of cocaine, according to Humphries.

In the meantime, in the vehicle floor, agents found around 300,000 fentanyl pills, two pounds of fentanyl powder, 13 pounds of heroin, and 10 pounds of cocaine.

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has warned that even one fentanyl pill “can kill” as the deadly drug has been cited behind a growing number of overdoses.

In San Francisco, it killed more than twice as many people as COVID-19 in 2020 thorughout the height of the pandemic.

Among dangerous narcotics, fentanyl has been found to be one of the most deadly. The drug is similar to morphine or heroin, yet it is 50 to 100 times more powerful.